Stupid somewhat rhetorical question, but apart from BFBS Radio and the BFPO, are there any amenities at BATUS like a good curry shop, or Jay-Jays type place to get repairs or mods to webbing done?
Been a while since I was there, and there was nothing then.
There is a pizza hut express on site in the "gag and puke", and a half decent Canex near Ralstone. Also they should be setting up the Ice hockey pitch by the patch round about now. And you're spitting distance to the hills for some world class ski areas.
All the strippers from Med Hat have long gone now though, so you will have to travel outside the city limits to watch some minge and have a beer!
Thought the woman mayor who banned them all had lost and was now out on her arrse and the strippers were returning


That CoW of a female mayor has gone now!!!!!!!! They strippers are back in town now as it is bloke in charge. He could see how much money was spent in the Bin and such places. I think he must be a share holder.
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