Can anyone point me towards a website (apart from the page on the Army's official site) with any information on for someone who may be out there in a few months? (BATUK is a training facility in Kenya, 6 week exercises)

I want to get an idea what to expect and what gucci kit i may have to aquire before i go that isnt in the standard issue, the hottest climate ive been in is a good english summer! Thanks for any help.
If you have access to DII, go to the Land Warfare Centre website. It covers all the overseas training areas and you should be able to access a copy of the mounting instruction which will give details on logistic support/med requirements/adventure training etc. If you don't, ask your training officer/Coy 2IC to do it for you.
If its Ex Grand Prix then its nothing to really get excited about although that depends on which Battle group you belong to /are extras for or supporting.

Exercise normally broke down into 5 day packages including R+R Lake Nevasha it was Melinda, Special to arms training/live,field firing at Archers Post/Ol Pejota/Mpala Farm , Jungle Package at Kathendeni, and then a combined BG exercise starting with Pltn attacks and culminating with Full Bn advance to contact Mpala to Dol Dol death march and live coy/Bn attack with support weapons+ Arty.

Don't take any gucchi/flash kit with you it will get nicked /trashed or eat by wild animals.....

The climate is a funny one and is seasonal however expect to burn your arse off at Archers roast and get soaking and freezing on the slopes of MT Kenya in the jungle phase!!!

Observe the curfews and explore in groups, life is cheap and male rape/robbery is common. The roads are in shit state and taxis/public transport same.

A high percentage of the population are HiV+ there is also plenty of anthrax and other creepy crawlies lurking just about everywhere.

In fact the only good thing about a Kenya trip is coming monthly visits to the tropical disease hospital as the rare disorder you have still hasn't been named or discovered!

Enjoy 8O
kenny_McCormickk said:
sounds like a world of fun, going out there with 4 Reg RA.[/
Those 2 words don't go together, The words admin, Chip on soldier, missing silver, Fcuk the blokes over and Im all right jack are phrases that were commonly associated when I last worked with them.

Had an unfortunate trip to the FRY with 4th, Simba the big cheese at the time was a tool, I genuinely felt sorry for the blokes stagging on the gate with 4 inches of snow on the ground at Glamoc in January dressed in S95 shirts as per the dress regs of 4th.

I was grateful to be detached away from "Simbas Circus" and camped on a hill with the Malaysians eating fish curry and listening to the call to prayer morning noon and night......for 3 months.

Hopefully things have changed, If not there's always Tuska..........
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