Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by im_not_murphys, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. having been posted out to Kenya as temporary staff. I cant believe just how bad this place is. Firstly I could not get in touch with anybody in Kenya, and there is no support for troops deployed out to Kenya lads are told different things so all have brought different things. once I arrived I was not expected even though I had been in touch. left at the airport for well over an hour. now that I have been out here a while just how bad it is has really come to light. 6 months unaccompanied tour. No R&R we are told to bring out our family not really an option with young children. So I want to go home that's 600 pounds minimum.

    Everything out here is falling apart. everybody is doing the army thing and digging deep and making it work. Well the TDS are.

    If you come out here as Temporary Deployed Staff. You can look forward to parade for PT every morning at 0700 RSM's parade weekly SSgt and below. They joys of curfews 0100 weekdays and 0400 weekends. The permanent staff swan about in there personal military vehicles and live in their big houses with staff and generally do what they want.

    Hey fellas come to the Christmas party but you must have a black suit. No sir I have only bought a Gray one. Well I suggest you get out and buy one.

    I know this posting is not ops as we don't get the Ops package. So why is this place so bad. Answers on a post card.
  2. Sounds like your first deployment as temp staff!

    PT & Parades it's in the Army!

    You didn't really expect to just go on the Piss for 6 months did you?
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  3. Well said, I have just come back from the new ASKARI THUNDER EX, most of the staff there are doing everything in their power to make things happen for the visiting BG. There are a few on a swan, but the likes of the SASC QMSI and the guys that put together the Live Firing package are doing an awesome job, so you temp staff should dry your eyes and man up.
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  4. You said on the second line you could not get in touch with anybody, then on the fifth line you state you were not expected even though you had been in touch,,Hmm. You were left at the Airport for over an hour? aww poor thing, I bet you are not an Infantry Soldier, you sound like a Lance Jack that had to work hard for a few months. MAN THE FUK UP!!!!
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  5. Got to agree!
  6. This is actually quite funny. The experience I've had of BATUK (and, unfortunatley, it's been a lot) is that there are one or two staff (permanent and TDS) who genuinely believe in the BATUK mission and do everything they can to support the exercise and exercising troops. However, the vast majority, including TDS, are loafers on a jolly. I've never, never, come across an organisation that has such an embedded attitude. Across the board (less a very small handfull) they are the most unhelpful, obnoxoius bunch of cnuts that I've ever had to work with. It's not just that areas are placed out of bounds, I can understand that you don't want a transiting battlegroup going through a bar or other facilities that you pay for (Cpls mess and the like) and that's fine. But when someone asks a question and the answer flies off the ongue all too readily; 'It's out of bounds to exercising troops!' then you know somethings wrong. I, and I suspect many people reading this, are of the opinion that where you're in a situation where some folk aren't supposed to be somewhere because it's out of bounds, my answer to them would be to apologise that they couldn't use it but that another facility that they can use is located.... That's what I thought the Army was all about, helping each other out and making sure that we can at least try to live up to our reputation of being the best in the world. Perhaps BATUK need reminding of this. And as for TDS, in my experience they're just as bad as the permanent staff. So to 'I'm Not Murphy's' unless you're going to somehow change that perception, stop your whining and do your fecking job, there's already enough of you out there who don't.
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  7. terroratthepicnic

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    So you have got 6 months in a hot and sunny county, without the wife and kids. Your not being shot at and the booze is cheap. So why the **** are you complaining. Who gives a **** whether you were left at the dive of a airport for an hour (it serves decent coffee in the loung right down the end) or whether the perminant staff are driving around in their wagons. You have a 6 month unaccompanied tour. Use it wisely.

    Oh and man the **** up. You whinge like a split or has been passed over for promotion.
  8. This is a heads up on anyone thinking about coming to BATUK.

    Been here nearly 4 months as TDS and I am counting the days to get out of here. The is a massive barrier between PS and TDS and we are the ones who do all the work and get treated like shit!, with inspections only for the TDS, and having to pay for our own flights home with a measley £1.60 a day LOA, this is certainly not a sunshine tour and I would say to anyone who is thinking about coming out here-DON'T DO IT, this is a prison sentence and if you want to be treated like a child then I take my hat off to you!!
  9. Could be worse. You could be stationed at archers roast.
  10. I loved my 6 months there, even though there is a big divide between Tds and perm staff. Just get on with your work to the best of your abilities and grab the oportunities available to you, diving, safari, walking, etc. There is a reason for disipline in the Army so suck it up. I did though get a bit threaders with the RQMS at the time, due to him being a bit of a bully and being lazy, so had a closed door conversation with him, never a drama since with me or my guys.
    I'd go back for another tour If given the chance, and bring the wife and kids over for a holiday on the coast. I can see where you come from though with these issues though, so that's why it's good if you have the top cover to look after you.
  11. Archers Roast was ok we spent 3+ months there on a water development task.
  12. When were you there as I've been the RQMS there since 2010 and no one has had a " closed door conversation" with me.
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  13. I've been a couple of times, Nairobi is a shithole but it's nice and sunny and there's stuff do do, especially up north, oh and poor little you, waiting for an hour, it must have been f*cking awful for you.. last time I had to wait 4 hours, and me a fine upstanding dashing holder of the Queens Commission don'tcha know, did I complain? nope, what's the point, with the lazy arsed drivers you'd be lucky if they came at all!

    I suspect you whinge about most things, have your testicles descended yet?
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  14. At least there's stuff to do in Nairobi... compared to Laikipia.
  15. Hmmm "stuff" being dodgy 2 dollar bitches and as much Tusker as you can snort?

    I know I might sound jolly old fashioned but up at Laikipia there is shedloads of wildlife see at places like Sweetwater, and the mountain national park on your doorstep, I realise there are far fewer hookers in Nanyuki but you can't have everything ;-)
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