Batuk tds

well considering this place has been here so long you would think they could get the basics right, if you do have the displeasure of being sent here try to avoid it like the HIV. TDS will be worked until you die, while PS swan about with their wives in military vehicles on so called IUS (thats basically means they get so many miles paid for) by the British public, oh and once your here there is no getting out of here, they will extented you till it final breaks your marriage, but dont forget its the Army's needs first.

If you even consider coming on the EX African Strom dont bother its not the holiday you think it will be.

This place is the biggest waste of money going and there has got to be people on the take over here, cos they never want to leave (PS) oh no its because of all the LOA and free flights and stuff.

Well if you still think its worth while to be posted here then think again, yopu have been warned allthe officers are the ones that Bn's or regt want rid of cos they are belters and only belters will survive out here.


Churchills Son
Does someone's brave little solja need a hug?


BATUK, last time I was on a Grand Prix I got the impression that the exercising troops were just a massive pain in the arse for the permanent staff as we just disrupted their nice little holiday.
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