Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by simonmoore1986, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone who cares to poke their nose at this.
    I am going to Batuk in a Jan, NAIROBI (bruce house).
    The posting order says Inspec Wksps,
    Firstly if anyone has any details of what ever the job actually is (hoping its not a tea boy)
    Secondly dose anyone recommend any kit, or other useful items to take, kinds of clothing.
    Thirdly dose anyone know about the state of accommodation, Hopefully its not worse then a wet dug whole with poncho on top!
    And finally what's the internet like. If i don't get my facebook fix, there will by hissy fits!

    Cheers for any help guys
  2. Most of what is said is either girls whining or what i can get from army net. I was looking for any objective opinions, observations.
    Cheers though
  3. Firstly - Try emailing, he may be able to help.

    Secondly - From Jan-Jul you'll find you get the Summer (Jan-Feb/Mar), the long rains (Mar/Apr, Apr/May) and then another Summer... Even during the rains it's hot and muggy. Bring t-shirts, shorts, flip flops, jumpers, trousers... the normal shit really... And a camera!!

    Thirdly - The accommodation, as a singley, is basic, but the fact you can get a beer for 50p, a litre of vodka and 2 litres of coke for £6, and unlimited internet for £20 a month appears to make up for it! You'll get BFBS if you're living in, the gym's decent... and there's a pool in the camp in Nairobi.

    If you get your own Kenyan 3G dongle then t'interweb is fine... Better d/l speeds than there was with BT Broadband in the UK!!