Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tango34_UK, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. As you may or may not be aware, I am currently invloved with the design of a new battlevest, that I will hope to be able to bring to the market place sometime over the next six months.

    I have been asking serving and ex military for feedback on the vests that are available now, and the following points have been raised:-

    The vest MUST take the A2 magazine.
    The vest must be IRR to above MOD Spec.
    It should have the ability to take S10 pouch.

    I was also informed by a friend on PSBC that it should have the ability of taking the issue frog / scabbard, and that if possible it should be able to have a place that empty magazines could be placed for storage after and during the firefight.

    What I would like if possible, is any other "things" that you would like to see on a battlevest, I won't be able to include them all, but good feedback, will help me to bring a vest onto the market place that I hope will fit into as many different roles as possible?

  2. A pouch to store a maglite torch and pocket knife.
  3. Thanks minime33 we already have that covered, will be very simular to the pouches used on the arktis 1601 Jungle battlevest for maglight and knife pouch.

    Another question, if the ammo pouches could be changed from the sr25 (black / green clip) to the issue PLCE ammo pouches clips, would this help you to be able to open close the pouches using one hand?
  4. utility pouches that are actually the same size as plce. I.E actually take mess tins or 58 bottle and cup without spending ten minutes trying to get the damm thing in or having to slash the pouch.

    must have velcro fold over on all pouches al a plce is a must.
    internal dump pouches as plce and most vests, are good for tams,compasses, gps, and empty mags during section attacks.

    sounds good so far any ideas on price and when its due out???
  5. ok erm draw strings on pouches as well as velcro and clips is always good
    keeping the sholder area clearish of pouches gun in ur sholder isnt hitting pouches
  6. Just make sure that there arent any large buckles or plastic strap bits in the small of the wearer's back, or for that matter anywhere a NI daysack or bergen is going to turn skin into a bloody pulp. I agree with the points about the utility pouches, bayonet frog and S10 haversack, although with a ressie pouch actually attached to the vest, it will leave no room for anything else.
    One thing Id definately like to see - small pouches next to the L and R ammo pouches for grenades (similar to the old ALICE style US ammo pouch). Its not uncommon to patrol with 12 magazines fully bombed up at times, and as a result grenades tend to end up in rather hard to reach places or hung 'nam style from various loops; VERY dangerous and darn inconvenient.
    A big gripe I have with the issue vest is that the pouches bounce around like a s.o.b. if you ever run anywhere and have nothing in the dump zipper pouches at the front.
    Nice big reinforced grab strap to drag the wearer should they have an unfortunate wound and require casevac
    Oh, and a nice conveniently placed loop or D ring to karabiner one's helmet to the vest so that its snug next to the left thigh will also do nicely.
  7. It takes 12-14 weeks from point of design to having the vest(s) in the shops, we won’t be supplying direct, as we believe that it better to support local trade shops in units locations, as such we will be selling direct to Surplus / Outdoors and PRI Type shops, from where you can then purchase.

    All vest will be produced in above MOD Spec IRR material, in both British DPM and Desert DPM.

    Questions / Points so far:-

    PLCE Utility Size pouches – No problems, the aim is for a Utility Pouch to be able to take the issue S2000 Mug and Water bottle.
    Velcro “fold over” is happening.
    Internal Dump pouches, again this is happening, but with extra D Rings to attach items to.
    From feedback from PSBC, we were asked to produce a separate pouch to take empty magazines, this is being looked into, and will be available on some of the vests we produce.
    Draw Strings – no problems, with Snow locks as well.
    Grenade pouches, this is happening as well!
    Grab Strap – Again this is happening.
    RRP – Has yet to be set, but will be very close, if not less then other vests on the market at this time!

    When the vests, have been produced, we will be advertising in both Soldier and Combat and Survival, and we will also be looking for people to trail the vests on operations, so if anyone is interested then let me know!

    Again if anyone would like to help further with design, or would like to become a unit rep for us, then please let me know!

  8. Sizes! I'm a wee f*cker and the PLCE one I've got at the mo is pulled so tight that the back left and right utility pouches actually come round my back a bit, making sitting a bit of a hastle. Ive tried it on with CBA and its still to big then. I understand it has to be a certain size in order to fit all the pouches, so maybe just make sum with less "netting" gubins in the back. Mines all bunched up where its been pulled tight and looks a bit w@nk. Also, on the left shoulder, possible a non-stick / extra grippy area for the rifle but (ala the old style Flak vest or a shooting jacket.) Would make it a lot easyer to pull the rifle into your shoulder, especialy when wearing ECBA.

    T C
  9. I like that idea about sizes, do others out there feel that a good adjustable vest would be a good idea? Another thing, Hydration pouch Yes or No? Do you use them, or would you rather that this area was left blank?
  10. How about ammo pouches at the front, that you can replace with pouches for Minimi boxes?

    Or if you go with just big pouches for Minimi ammo then you could have an internal divider you can slip in to take SA80 mags without them all going everywhere when just one is taken out.
  11. Just to add to my point. My vest is adjustable, but it only just fits after its been tightened up. I think sizing is key, maiking for more comfortable vests.

    Hydration pouch sounds ok. Never realy used a cammel back (its notmally in the top of my bergan/ NI Pack)...but if you don't want to use it then leave it empty.

    I don't know if it's been said but the pistol holder is good for those issued with them...but if they'r like me and dont get one then a small internal pocket in there would be good (i.e have 2 dump pouches that are the same as the PLCE ones)

    T C
  12. Sufficient pouches will need to be set aside for any new BOWMAN bit's and pieces issued in the future, especially spare batteries - it will need to be future proof (as far as possible).
  13. One of the ideas we have been looking at, is a multi role vest, with a removable panel, that can be swapped for different pouches, depending on the role that you are deployed in. This is already used by the Police Firearms Teams, and we would convert this to a Forces role. This will allow, you the end user to carry different equipment / ammo, depending on your role?

    It would also allow you to only have to purchase 1 x vest, and a set of pouches, as your role changes, you just change the pouches, rather then the whole vest, again if you damage the pouches, either we (in warranty) or you (out of warranty) could just remove the damaged pouches and then swap them for new ones?

    This we belive would then keep the cost down, and give you the best vest for price available.

    How do end users feel about this?
  14. Good idea in theory, BUT you have to be sure that the removable pouches dont remove themselves when it is least wanted. You really have to look closely at how the pouches are to be attached.
  15. Another point that could be looked at is the need for the soldier to be able to carry the bergen/daysack/jet pack/radio while still having access to the pouches and that the shoulder straps are able to rest naturally on the shoulders without slipping off. Maybe a handy attatchment point for the helmet to clip on to when not worn. For commanders, maybe a TAM's / BATCO wallet pouch as access to the chest pockets on the smock might be restricted. A Modular design for which the user can add/remove pouches as and when the task dictates. Folliage attatchement points perhaps?