Battlestar Galactica one line

No, sorry. Been drinking beer and interfering with Mrs RC.
It has impressive graphics for a browser game but I didn't like the auto fire stuff. Basically you mash the keys to get the shot lined up and the client software does the rest. There are better free to play games out there.
Is there a bonus section where you earn extra points by double clicking the mouse with Caprica 6?
I was in a beta test for this, tried it for about 10 minutes and haven't been back since. Don't know what, if anything has changed since that test.
Started to play this game last week. Its more akin to Elite rather than battlestar galactica, flying round collecting stuff, battles,mining, etc

Thoroughly entertaining especially when the Basestart and Battlestars come out to play.

Yes I have resurrected an old thread, but better than starting a new one

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