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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by bar_stool, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know of the status of the Battlespace Technology Course, due to be run on the back of ICSC(L) 4A? The board has apparently sat, but the results have not been promulgated yet as the final details of the course have not been confirmed.
  2. The board has sat and selected those officers for the jobs that require the BTC as pre-appointment training. However, there is a small issue regarding funding which needs to be 'ironed out' before the course attendance list is published.

    It appears that the wrangle over the funding is not for the cohort selected to attend the post ICSC(L) 4 course but for subsequent BTC courses. It may be that if the funding for courses 5+ cannot be agreed then the whole BTC may be in jeopardy.

    My own personal view is that the funding issue will be sorted out and the attendance list will be promulgated soon.
  3. The funding has been sorted out and the list of some 40 selections go public at 0900 on Monday 14th May. Divisional MS Branches got the list today (pm Thu 10th). Took long enough ...
  4. Where did you hear that big fella? I've been on the fringe of this and not heard a thing.
  5. GF is absolutely correct...i heard it from the horses mouth yesterday...

    malaise could confirm this too....but he's off sunning himself somewhere?
  6. Goon - check PMs.
  7. Good news, I've been hanging out for these results since they were due on the 5th of april! I'm unlikely to get the results for a couple of days in my particularly dingy staff crevice, please post a link here ASAP if you can. Cheers
  8. Can confirm the cse loading will be out Monday having laid eyes on, and there are a few people moving to 4a as a result. I am however having trouble finding detail on the cse curriculem and layout. Does anyone have an insight into what is to be taught on the BTC ?
  9. yes, BTC board public mon AM, although if you really needed to know, your desk offr couyld have squared you away sooner
  10. Finally the results have been published, I have "subject to academic clearance" written next to my name - no suprise to those that know me, however, does someone (obviously far brighter than me) know what this actually means? One would have thought that this clearance could have been conducted during the time between the board, and last monday!

  11. Brown Dog

    In the same boat. Thicky non-grad so they probably just want to check we can spell, add etc. Not sure though - Bde DCOS hinted it might be an essay but how that proves you have the ability to do a 6 month post-grad in Battlespace Technology I don't know.

    Please PM me if you hear anything.
  12. Scots,

    Thanks, there seem to be quite a lot of non-grads on the list! An essay writing competition seems an odd method....maybe they should just look at A-Level results...I would fly through with only art next to my name! It would be slightly disapointing to be deselected at this stage of the game....

  13. B_D,

    Agree. Reading the covering letter it states that 'Academic Clearance. ...subject to receiving academic clearance....this process is currently ongoing.'

    When I questioned the Tech SO2 I was told that, even if I failed academic clearance, I would still keep the job. Spoke to my desk officer today and he does not know.
  14. [Assuming it has not changed recently] Academic clearance consists of them asking you to submit a list of all previous relevant experience, qualifications and appointments to the university. The academics will then consider whether you have enough relevant experience in lieu of a relevant first degree.

    Look at the paragraph about entry requirements on this page.

    You'll probably be asked to fill in one of these forms. On the last page you'll see that they can accept 10 years relevant experience instead of qualifications; or a mixture of the two.

    The types of experience considered relevant is/was fairly broad.

    Good luck.
  15. Doom_Sayer,

    Thanks for your post, I wonder what they will make of my meagre efforts at school?! I will just have to wait and see. Out of interest, did non-grads have to do go through the same process prior to the old staff course (which also awarded a Masters)?