Battles British VS French

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Inzaghi, May 24, 2007.

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  1. And your point is?

    edited to add Marseille 15 June 1998

    England fans 1 French fans 0
  2. mmmm....Corruna a French Victory??? Weren't the French held at a distance and unable to interfere with the embarkation??
  3. Oh, how I could rip some of those claimed French victories apart.... if I felt like getting into a pissing contest with a cheese eater.

    Fortunatley, I really can't be arsed.
  4. Did a quick search and got this;

  5. French revisionist crap.

    Especially the comments for Waterloo, you can almost feel the authors rage that we had allies.

    Best not mention those Polish lancers eh Crapaud?
  6. Its nonsense.

    If Hastenbeck is a victory of the French over the British -rather than Hannoverians then they have missed out a lot more victories just from the 7 Years war.

    Krefeld 1758
    Warburg 1760
    Vellinghausen 1761

    ... and these are just major battles with at least 20k men on each side.
  7. Classic! apparently we cowardly english silly persons are no good at kicking the crapaud, the japs didn't think we were any good and our tanks put a bloody poor show around Caen.

    Where is Caen, by the way? Oh yes, in Normandy, which had been occupied by the huns for the previous four years, after defeating the courageous French...

    Ask the japs in Burma what they thought of the British soldier, if you can find one that survived.

    Revisionism: smells like bullshit, with added iron filings from all that axe grinding
  8. Is it me or are the majority of the Frog victories the little battles/ big skirmishes.
    Plus the claim about most of our victories being combined with other countries ignores the fact that that we had a small army, (big fleet), but that the decisive action in those battles was (nearly?) always by British troops not the others. Some allied troops if I remember right were usually used as line fillers, while we were at the key points.

    authors need to take their analysis further.
  9. Who won the last battle? That's the only one that counts.
  10. We did. 1815. I don't think we have fought John Francois since then.
  11. The surrender monkies good at war eh?
    That will explain all those countries formed from the old frog empire then. USA, Canada, Aus, NZ South Africa etc.
  12. Got a rival magazine to Soldier for their army!!

  13. what about in 1940 when the navy sank most of the french fleet in Algeria after they refused to scuttle their ships. does that count as a battle or was that just for fun!
  14. we also battered them (the vichy frogs) in 1941 in syria i know this as my grandad was there his unit settled some scores for some frog unit bugging out during the defence of dunkirk and failing to inform the british battalion on there flank(my grandads one) and we also had a few dust ups in 1943 during the inasion of tunisia and the waffen ss had a couple of french divisions to