Battlefields around Berlin

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by dogs_bollox, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. Planning to bimble about on my motorbike in the summer and will be in Berlin at some point.

    I'd like to visit a few of the battle sites in the area. I am aware of Seelow Heights and Halbe but would like to hear from any current/ex serving who have been there or any others.

    I'm doing some google searches too but most visitors are not mil' and so have a different view and eye for detail. I'm looking for the less touristy sites preferably.

    Also planning to pass by Aachen and Hurtgen Forest on the way home........

    Next year Russia !

  2. Try and get a copy of Duffy's "Red Storm on the Reich". It covers the battle of the Seelow height and the attack on Berlin in a very readable way and it might give you some ideas for where to visit.

  3. Cheers Rodders ! Not heard of that one.
  4. No, no and noch mal nein! To quote Duffy himself (from the book's introduction)

    I've got "Seelow 1945" and "Der Kessel von Halbe 1945" by Lakowski and "Die Befreiung der Lausitz" by Pilop - all excellent but not much use to you if you don't read German.

    English language-wise there is, of course, "Berlin" by Beevor. Probably the most prolific English author is Le Tissier. I recently bought his "Berlin - Then and Now"; a massive tome which covers the city from Prussia up to the Fall of the Wall. He has also written several books on the battles from the Oder through to the Reichstag:

    The siege of Kustrin
    Zhukov at the Oder
    The Battle of Berlin
    Race for the Reichstag
    Slaughter at Halbe

    I've not (yet) read any of these so I have no idea what they are like. He's also written a "Berlin Battlefield Guide" (Hmm -Amazon here I come!)

    Let me know when you are coming - we should try to meet up.
  5. HQ1div did it as a tour in 2001 I think. Richard Holmes was the historian. Maybe the chief clerk or cranfield will have a copy of the tour. It was very good
  6. Thanks for the reading list. Very useful stuff there.

    I saw an episode of 'Hitler's War' over the weekend which was the final chapter of the Russo / German part of WW2. Was VERY interesting with lots of footage of the locations now as well as then. The credits seemed packed with German names so I presume (always a thing fraught with risks) it might have been a German doco with English narration.

    I hope to be in the locale around early April if all goes well but as I've just been told my job is at risk ......... However, if I am able to get that far over, I'll let you know and happily meet up.

    It's part of a tour which starts with heading down to Monaco for the Grand Prix then up though the Alps to Geneva to visit mates where I used to live whilst working at CERN, then (hopefully) into Germany and Berlin. The Monaco / Geneva is all paid for or free. But the extra fuel/accommodation in Germany is the trick ....... fingers crossed !

  7. My copy arrived this morning! On scanning through it, I would say this is exactly what you are looking for. The book is in 3 parts:

    Part 1 - Seelow Battlefield: 8 different day tours are suggested, including one to the Westwall Fortifications over the border into Poland.
    Part 2 - Berlin Battlefield: a further 8 tours (covering the various relevant areas of the city), including one covering Cold War objects such as the Wall, Stasi HQ etc. The final tour takes one out of the city again to places such as Halbe and Wünsdorf.
    Part 3 - Reichstag Battlefield

    It is well illustrated and the maps are excellent. You can get it directly from the publisher or, as I did, through

    It´s quite expensive (30 quid new), but I reckon it it´s well worth it.
  8. Berlin:
    Berlin - Anthony Bevor
    Armageddon - Max Hastings

    Aachen & West wall:
    Eisenhower's Lieutenants Russell Weighley.
    Seigfried Charles Whiting
    The Patton Papers 1940-45 Martin Blumenson
    A Soldier's/General's Life - Omar Bradley.
    Eisenhower - Carlo d'Este ditto Patton a genius for war. Ladislas Farago also.

    Enjoy the read!
  9. Also very useful are the 2 Berlin volumes in the Past Finder series:

    Berlin 1933-1945 ISBN 978-3-86153-363-4
    Berlin 1945-1989 ISBN 978-3-86153-411-2

    Both by Maik Kopleck, published by Ch. Links Verlag and costing €12.90 each
  10. Thanks very much for those reading references guys. They all look very useful. Berlin Battlefield Guide is £15 second hand.