battlefield2 ps2 HELP

I know its getting on a bit old now, and that its not as good as the PC version.(that i haven't got yet, don't think my PC could handle it.)
Anyway i just fancied a go, you know a little visit back to the days when i always finished at the top of the board , with 40 kill 0 deaths ratio(yer i know.... i was good!! 8) ).Tried to go online and it was saying no chance, because it is a big fat ps2 (not the one on a diet) i needed a network adaptor. This adaptor was set up for another ps2 and it wont let me set up the new one because the ID already exists on central station.
Any ideas on how to get back online, maybe try the slimline one so i don't need the adaptor? i don't know please help, oh I'm also computer illiterate.

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