battlefield trip to france

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by slingshot, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. At my det we are thinking of putting together a trip to france for the cadets to visit the somme and some of the first world war battlefields.

    now my question is has anyone else on here organised such a trip? if they have what kind of red tape am i going to have to jump through to get it off the ground?

    any info anyone can give me would be gratfuly received.
  2. i was very involved in a 5 day trip to cambrai in may,pm me and i give u what i know
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  4. you were VERY involved in a trip in may mate
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  6. Neither do I!
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  8. And I suppose you're gonna blame the Jaegemeister for this one too, eh?
  9. Just saw on Wales Today that a Det from Wrexham is taking part in tomorrows commemoration service, due to their fundraising for the RBL.

    Well done to all the chaps and chapesses who took part. My sympathies to the Cdt Cpl, whose Great-Grandfather was killed in the battle, for having to go on TV and be interviewed with what appears to be a scorching case of Herpes on his top lip!!! :D
  10. ahh yes the beer monster paid you a visit :D
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  12. at least u made it back to camp ,unlike others i could mention
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