Battlefield tours

I'm looking at organising a battlefield tour in the early part of next year. Does anyone know any organisations that offer good military rates or how I can keep the costs down.

I'm grateful for any advice, thanks!
Try speaking to the Not Forgotten Association. They run many battlefield tours so should have some good advice.


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Speak to oldbaldy / flying monkey they organise the arrse tours
Anglia Battlefield Tours are pretty good. Based in Chelmsford, run by an Ex-Colonel of TA PWRR, staffed by a goodly number of well-informed officer/SNCO types, both Reg and TA.

If you choose to go with them, let them know the recommendation came from me.
Poppy Travel runs all manner of tours to battlefields memorials and cemeteries, including battlefield studies and staff rides. We are part of The Royal British Legion. While we are part of a charity, we operate as a commercial company. We make a margin to cover our admin costs and make a modest profit for The Legion.

We run them for all sorts of organisations, including the Not Forgotten Association. I can't guarantee we are always the cheapest, but give us a chance to quote. We will oiffer advice about tour planning and applying for funds regardless of whether you want to use us for tour administration.
Speak to oldbaldy / flying monkey they organise the arrse tours
Been on a tour where Flying monkey was the guide, very good. Where you thinking of going ? I have done quite a few and am going on two next year.

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