Battlefield Tours

Im in need of help / guidance...

Hoping to organise a small scale BF tour but have no idea where to find the official guide lines to make it all offical and alike...

Does anyone know what policy/din/jsp I need to be looking at?

Is this through the military or civvy? I've a good mate who's now an official tour guide for one of the civvy firms. He's pretty good at it too plus he did 25 years in 2 Para so he comes across in a language that squaddies understand.
It's military, i got the historic side covered (thanks to the regt museum) I just need to find the guidelines on what I have to produce/submit to make it legit...
May I refer you to AGAI Vol 1 Chap 23? There is no charge... 8)

I knew it exsisted somewhere, but when you have no idea where to look in the first place...

Much appreciated, now onto reams of paperwork...

You could call me or PM me.

We do lots of battlefield Tours Battlefield Studies and Staff Rides. We are best known for the Realities of War Tours we run for the ITG and ITCC, but we also do all sorts of other tours to worldwide from Belgium to Burma(*) and France to the Falklands.

I am happy to provide advice on possible locations and the bid process even if you choose to organise and administer it yourself.

* (Currently we only go to Burma for Remembrance tours, but may in the future be able to offer staff rides and battlefield studies)
If its Arnhem, i can help. Done guiding for the Paras at Arnhem.

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