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I am toying with organising a dept battlefield tour as a leaving function for 'the boss'. I am trying to avoid the more common ones that are available and am thinking of Telemark, Monte Cassino, the Dardenells or somewhere simular. Has anyone ever been to one of these places as a battlefield tour that can give me an idea of where to go? and / or is there anybody there that could guide a tour to one of these places?

I am an Royal British Legion Guide (Poppy Travel). We take lots of tours to the Dardenelles and Monte Cassino regularly. I have done both.

We plan to take a Pilgrimage to Norway ion 2010 for the 70th Anniversary of the invasion of Norway

You might like to look at some other depth battlefield tour destinations we go to:-

- Italian Front 1918. (Part of this also covers Rommel and Caporetto)

- Crete

- Tunisia Lybia or Egypt. (Would you like to follow the path from El Alemein to Tunis?)

- East Africa in the Great War based on Tanzania

- NE India with Kohima and maybe Imphal

- South Africa.

- Penninsular war (or earlier wars)

- If you wanted to go to Burma to pay your respects we'ed take you , but probably not for a jolly or battlefield tour.

What is your capbadge ? Any of these tickle your fancy drop me pm and I can get Poppy_Travel to tell you roughly what it would cost and how to do it
I can thoroughly recommend Cassino, which is a humbling visit that can be self-contained, or combined with looking at Salerno or Anzio, or indeed any other more "civilian" jollies (Pompeii, Rome...).

Guides are good, but can be costly. Depending on how thrusting you want to be, it is not too difficult to be the guide yourself, or divide the battles between the others going on the tour.

The Cassino area can be reached easily from Rome, with most of the cheap airlines and hotels are realtively cheap.

PM me if you want any more details/copy of our guide.


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