Battlefield Tour - Sedan

I've been tasked with organising a Bde level battlefield tour of Guderian's May 1940 crossing of the Meuse at Sedan. I will obviously chase up previous tours from the historical archives etc, but does anyone have info from previous tours etc? The specific area of study will be the hot topic of Air/Land Integration. I have some info already from the HCSC battlefield tour of the area but any other info/advice/contacts/material will be gratefully received.


There was a staff college tour in the 1990s. Check the admin cell there. Or contact me by PM and I can scan it for you.

You also ought to read ...

Panzer leader - Guderian One of the annexes ifs the fire plan.

France 1940 act with daring by mrtin Mrix Evans has some good phots and mapping from the 1940 German staff maps

Shirer - Fall of the Third Republi. This contains a good account from the Frecnhy point of view.

There is an active emal yahoogroup called with French and Belgian contributors.

For an extra insight you could make use of a 1940 combat simulator. An online computer game called WW2Online run a mulitplayer simulator version of this campaign over a 1/2 scale 3D model of the world from the Rhine to the channel with all the 1940 kit. if you want to know how this might work with a battlefield tour send me a PM.
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