Battlefield Tour & Rugby Sep 2007

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by WildGoose, May 8, 2006.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    with Ireland playing their first two matches of the Rugby World Cup in Bordeaux next September (2007) I'm thinking of organising a rugby tour/Battlefield Tour (the best route down is via Caen). I would appreciate any advice on funding issues if the trip has 2 purposes and suggestions for the best bits of Normandy to visit (or any interesting battlefields around Bordeaux).

    Particularly interested in anything to do with the Ulster Rifles' glider landings.

    Also, if anyone can suggest a sociable rugby club in the Bordeaux area willing to host some rowdy Irishmen, I'd be grateful.

    Help appreciated
  2. A true British trip to Bordeaux should realy be part of a hundred years war style raid.

    You can start in Caen -but thats only the start of the trip. Do the Normandy 1944 stuff. But aftetr that try...


    Head towards Mayenne - visit the "Tour Anglais" where the English beseiged it.

    Thence to Angers -home of the Angevain Kings -and whree the Duke of Wellington went to school

    Go to Chinoin -where Joan of arc begged the philandering French King to save his country (and where nearby Henery II, Elenaor Richard I and John's Wife are buried)

    Pause at the tank museum at Samaur then head for Poitiers - the great victory of the Black Prince

    Then scuttle , like thje Black Prince, laden wqith booty to Bordeaux

    OR go down the coast.

    Inspect U boat pens at Lorient

    play the Belle Isle March

    and Visit St Nazaire