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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ritch, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Well, its here. DICE said they'd reveal the trailer on the 27th and so they have;

    It's 17 minutes long and I can't watch it as I'm at the hospital and my phone is being a fucktard. Apparently it is taken from the first mission in the game.

    There's a heavy Russian and Chinese influence in the game. Let me know how it looks, I should be home later to view it.
  2. I just came.
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  3. I'm finally able to watch it and wow! I have to say, pretty nice. I've been reading a lot of comments about this trailer online and there are a lot of people whinging and crying about how similar it looks to BF3. I think they need their eyes testing, I mean I think it looks awesome and this is only the first trailer released. The game isn't out until Autumn, so I reckon there will be a fair few trailers making their way to us in the next few months.
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  4. Dirt_Diver

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  5. Will it not be released on the next gen consoles or is it released to soon?
  6. I think its released on current gen consoles and then next gen when they're all out.
  7. Those graphics look ******* fantastic. Looks like the gameplay won't be too bad either. Hopefully a longer campaign but I won't hold my breath. It'll be the usual online game with the campaign only there for a couple of achievements, because you can't make people pay the same price or more than the original game for DLC if its all about the campaign.
  8. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    If it has "brigggghhhhht eyes" playing throughout it I'm in.
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  9. ...

    I haven't even bought the BF3 updates yet and I'm going to have start again with this.
  10. Don't get them, honestly in hindsight I don't think they were worth it, I paid for all of them and not even bothered to download the last one as I've just discovered the pure excellence of bioshock infinite.
  11. The above is from Battlefield's website. Apparently if you pre-order the game, you receive a free premium expansion pack. Only, they are pricing it at £54.99 -- I won't bother. I'll pick the Limited Edition up from Asda like I did for BF3, for £35

  12. Is it worth a go mate, played the other two and loved them!

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  13. Watching the Baku trailer.

    First reaction was "Jesus Christ, this looks incredible!"

    Second reaction was "Oh, its on PC. Why did I waste my money on consoles? I am such a dripping penis."

    Overall I thought it looked brilliant, though. I will be laughed at for saying this but I really enjoyed the BF3 campaign. It suffered from being too easy but it was on the right track in terms of scenery, set-pieces and characters and stuff. The problem with the BF3 campaign was how it guided you through everything. "GO HERE!" "SHOOT THIS ORANGE TRIANGLE!" "SHOOT THIS PART OF THE BUILDING!" "SPRINT NOW!"

    I see a distinct lack of that stuff in this trailer, no flashing beacons or anything like that. It looks like an improved BF3. That isn't a bad thing, in my opinion, they might just address the game's flaws the right way. This is EA and they are terrible for rushing stuff. FIFA and Madden players will know that. I wonder if we are seeing the real, finished product with some nice final touches being packaged as BF4.

    I'm really disappointed that I need Premium for the beta. I didn't avoid Premium because I didn't want it, I avoided it because I couldn't afford the £40 odds when it was cheap and now buying - when I might be able to afford it - seems pointless just so that I can test-drive a game for a company that is basically trying to shake me upside down by my ankles to see what change falls out of it.

    Did anybody notice the suppression system? At one point - just briefly - the main character orders his squad to fire on a jeep with a mounted gun. He then fucks off to the right, blowing cover apart with his shotgun, and flanks the jeep. I really, really hope that feature (at least the ability to give that order) is present in the multiplayer.