Battlefield spirits?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tankiebootneckdad, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. I don't know if this has been covered before, if so my apologies.

    I was one of those unfortunates caught out in the fligh disruptions, last week, and found myself travelling, from Alicante, back to the UK by bus.

    After a 24 hour trip to Paris and a 12 hour stopover, I eventually boarded another bus, at 22:00, for the trip to Calais fery port.

    at about midnight I was looking out the window at the French scenery, (lights in the bus were out and there was a near full moon), when I saw a sign which said "LA SOMME", and shortly afterwards we were crossing the river itself.

    It was probably purely in my mind, but seeing the river, and the area around it, I felt a strange sensation down my back and could almost visualise thousands of lost Tommies standing to and watching us pass by.

    I have heard stories of ghostly goings on, in what were areas of conflict and just wondered if anybody else had experienced anything similar?
  2. Some stupid Scotch git strangling a cat in the desert, put the shite up me once,
  3. I thought that battlefield spirits meant the apfelkorn we used to carry in our bergens in Germany!

    Seriously I wanted to look over the Chemin de Dames WW1 battlefield many years ago and came at night fall to trudge up the ridge looking for a place to doss. I came upon the ruins of the village of Craonne which had been an intense focus of combat, the modern village was rebuilt at a distance, and they have let trees grow there now.
    "Balls" I thought "nobody is watching and its a nice night I'll just sling my dossbag down by this wall, after all it's a nice summer's night."

    There was no way I was going to get to sleep there, I could almost feel the turbulence around me, the atmosphere disturbed. I lasted about fifteen minutes before legging it onto to the nearest light and begging permission to kip in his garden where I spent the night with my maggot cravenly pulled over my head.

    There will be urine-extractors but I bet you find that there are quite a few people who have had similar experiences, we just don't shout it out because of the neanderthals.
  4. I've also felt a "strange sensation" down my back whilst in a former battlefield, it was in Oman during Ex Saif Sareer.

    It happend at the CSE Show, during Geri Haliwell's performance on stage I fell into the open trench that was used as latrines due to the fact I was pissed as a newt!