Battlefield robots to replace medics?

You're not comming at this from the right angle. This is the MKI prototype to installing trauma units inside the Space Cruisers.

At least that what is says on the blue prints i'm looking at.
The trauma pod - costs a few mill, has to be operated by a surgeon, and you have to have another surgeon stood by incase it fails. Not cheap to service or maintain either, so all in all, a waste of electrodes
Hmm, interesting.

Fully robotic implements, aren't a good idea though, as they can't adapt quickly enough if theres a screw up, like an artery ripping, or massive bloodloss suddenly, for instance.

Interesting, but ultimately, too expensive, and not adaptable enough - the later, is more in theory.
Why bother with robotic doctors, just have robotic soldiers,


tropper66 said:
Why bother with robotic doctors, just have robotic soldiers,

I think this is exactly the point. I dare say it wouldn't take these boffins long to turn this machine into a weapons platform. However, it probably suits their needs to dress it up as medical / humanitarian technology so that they can continue to receive positive press and funding for the project.

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39 sqn RAF are already there with Reaper