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It appears there are a few Battlefield fans around these parts, so I thought I'd check how many of you were aware of the Play4Free initiative?

Battlefield Play4Free - Free FPS Online Action!

As I understand it, EA have been working on a free-to-play version of BF for a while. Originally there was Battlefield: Heroes but I get the impression that was more of a light-hearted, Team Fortress-like spin-off. Play 4 Free is currently in closed beta and I got my key today, so I'll be installing it tonight!

The screenshots look promising, and we all know BF games usually play well, but it'll be interesting to see where the freeplay mechanic starts to get in the way. Could you imagine COD if they let mummy's credit card become a viable alternative to skill and effort?

Battlefield Play 4 Free Preview - PC Preview at IGN


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First impressions: It's Bad Company 2 classes running on BF2 maps and graphics. Ranking up comes with a very "Company of Heroes Online" style character editor, with two skill trees to develop as you wish (one improving your physical attributes, like speed, and the other improving your kit). You earn credits for kills which can be spent unlocking "better" kit on a temporary basis, or you can spend real cash unlocking them permanently. The item variations don't seem to be that great so I can't see me spending real cash any time soon. Servers are well populated, with 32v32 matches running quickly. Gameplay is engaging enough, although there's no inherent squad setup so it all seems very "every man for himself". It's quite unstable with some obvious bugs, but then it is a beta... I'd recommend signing up and seeing how soon you get a key. It's good value for a freebie!
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