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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by BlueDZ, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. Forgive my ignorance but could anyone comment as to whether Battlefield Lynx is still used anywhere? I assume that once the Apache came into service the Lynx had their TOW mounts removed and re rolled as battle field taxi? If you had experience with them were they actually any good? Cheers...
  2. Fugly

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    TOW wasn't removed because of the Apache entering service, the system and more significantly the missiles themselves were lifex. TOW was used from Cobras in Vietnam, FFS.

    Lynx is still more than capable of engaging with the enemy, and still does so today, with GPMG or the .50cal M3M, depending on the role fit of the cab on task that day.
  3. Throw the six-man seat out and you could easily fit two camp-beds in the cabin, which beats sleeping under a tree. The finest anti-submarine helicopter the British Army has ever operated.
  4. Bad CO

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    Erm, yes it was. That is why TOW OSD was extended a number of times as the AH fielding plan slipped.

    This was undoubtedly a factor although I recall there was a CONPLAN to extend the capability if AH IOC had not been achieved. This would have been based on the minimum fleet (16) to achieve the AM requirement from those aircraft/systems with enough life left.

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  5. But TOW is still used by the yanks?
  6. ISTR that ours (FITOW) were built by BAe, under license from Hughes. With a shelf-life of 20 years.
  7. Fugly

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    I stand suitably erected!
  8. Their M2 Bradleys have it. Maybe some of the older Cobras if any are still in service.
  9. I loved flying Lynx but the AAC should have Westland built Blackhawks, Lynx was designed to fly off the back of ships and was only given to the Army as we needed a Scout replacement. At the time the RAF big wigs were not happy that we were even getting Lynx as it was so much bigger than the aircraft it was replacing. When the MK9 arrived at Dishforth it came without seats because the MOD never ordered any! So the REME/AAC thought why not put the TOW booms on them and keep the MK7 for trooping, a cunning plan to have the new aircraft with the missiles? The trouble was the MK9 did not have the wiring for TOW. So the MK7 anti-tank Lynx seats were put in the MK9 so they could carry troops and when we carried troops in the MK7 they sometimes had to sit on the floor. This was still the practice until I left 9 Regt for another two year Northern Ireland tour in 1995.
  10. Not strictly true. Yep, Mk9s didn't arrive with 6 man seats due to none being procured (the belief was we held a pool of seats as opposed to them being role kit per airframe). And yep true the Mk9s didnt have TOW wiring looms. The also didn't have NATO flange adaptors and any form of clearance to carry or fire TOW (one reason was the undercarriage oleo sits right in the path of the exhaust tubes of the missile carrier). The Mk9s were procured for the assumed role of airbourne assault with the newly reformed 24 Airmobile Bde. We didn't tend to carry seats in NI cos it was a ******* pain in the arse getting blokes in and out quickly. That changed when we had a few accidents where unrestrained pax got jettisoned through the disc on impact though....

    Completely agree re how and why we got the Lynx. As they say, the AAC flies the best maritime warfare helicopter in the world. Will be the same case for Wildcat unfortunately.
  11. IMO, no we shouldn't. We should have bought Sikorsky built Blackhawks, keeping Wastelands out of the loop completely. I was closely involved in the fielding of the Apache and that was a clusterfuck.
  12. The latest model. Enjoy

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  13. Or maybe some of these?

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  14. TFFT, I thought it was just me.
  15. That's some top notch geekery there fellas!