Battlefield LASER one step nearer.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. Original news release from Boeing
  2. A bearded anecdote from communist times springs in mind.

    Presenter on TV: Each pyatiletka (five year period) is a step toward communism!

    - Abram, what is the distance to communism?
    - 10-11 miles, no more Sarah.

    I remember one story. In 80's pupular trade union newspaper Trud reporded about mysterious 'light beam' form 'cosmos' in Estonis. The newspaper alleged UFO as a cause. However, really it was a military satelite with a LASER.

    I was told by an expert that batlefield lasers are no more than a fantasy.
  3. Oh no Sergey don't believe whoever told you that. Power source size reduction is the key, same with rail guns.

    On a different note, Soviet scientists were doing some very advanced stuff with different materials for uniforms etc that gathered ambient and reflected light from snow to power individual heating systems. And they worked.
  4. The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] has successfully demonstrated that a laser system mounted on an Avenger combat vehicle can shoot down a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) like those that increasingly threaten U.S. troops deployed in war zones.

    Can someone please tell me who is deploying these against the septics? Does AQ or Terry possess such things or is Boeing on a flight of fantasy?
  5. not holding breath for laser (they still havent solved the light scatter problem although as a space to space weapon it might yet have promise! ... not that the US will militarise space you understand .... well not much)
  6. I you're talking about vapourising something then yes, possibly. Otherwise no, there are many possible uses for a battlefield laser system IMO.
  7. a bloke up a tree with a mobile phone has been redesignated a UAV under recent pentagon reclassifications
  8. arent blinding lasers for use as shipborn anti pilot weapons banned?
  9. Does his phone have to have a camera built in to fall under this classification ?
  10. yes, but that isn't what he's(?) on about here.
    I reckon a centralised BV wagon would be cool. each truck has it's own metal bv (which really is just a metal pot) and the BV wagon which has looooaads of frikken' lasers on it heats up the BV's. Heck, given a few years we might be able to get it to make brews for you too! Hot chocolate or chickhen noodle cup a soup wouldn't be too far past that :D
  11. ...errr... Likely a threat of 'friendly fire' is meant.