Battlefield Hospital - Medics at war Ch 4 1930 27 Feb

will it have them cowering under tables refusing to come out and unload the casualties from Blackhawk helicopters?
Lets hope that they show everything. It will be interesting to see if the real builders of the hospital get a mention for the record setting time they took to build it. But the fact that the unit occupying the hospital only had to more thier kit 150m from one camp to the other maybe too embarrassing, because they could not do that without a struggel (lots of puffing and red faces) :twisted: :twisted:
Since getting back to my TA Unit I've heard a few interesting things about the 202 experience from insiders. But watching it over the berm was enough.
How can they call it 202 when 90% were from other units. They did have the CO from 202, thats when he was well enough to get out of bed that is :lol: :lol:
[But watching it over the berm was enough]

and that`s all 33 did, apart from moan incessantly, play vollyball and practice shouting "gas gas gas" without telling 202, thereby sending an operational hospital into thier respirators for no good reason.

People in glass houses? :twisted:
Japster I think your little statement re false alarms is a little wrong there were multiple occasions when 202 caused the rest of coyote to have to remask because of their conversion of all clear to Gas Gas Gas. It got to the point were any alarm comming over the Berm was ignored until confirmed by our CP.
Loved the 202 dress of shorts and flipflops instead of the 2 layers of clothing + NBC kit carried that it was orders to carry 202 until after the war was over were an embarassment to the TA.
Nurse, basically I`m fed up with the constant slagging of 202 in this and other forums. They had 4 days together as a composite unit before the war started. During that time they had to take over the hospital, try and sort out the mess that the prievious encumbents had left ,get all the wards and departments into some sort of order and then start taking in cas. In 4 days!!!

From the moment they depolyed into Coyote they had to put up with petulant behaviour from their neighbours, who seemed to take it as a personal insult that the STABs were doing "their job" for them, an attitude which seems to have remained from that time to this.

During OP Telic 1 202 took in more casualties than any other British field hospital since the Korean war - FACT

Get over it.
Japster if you actually read this board you will find I have defended 202 against some of the attacks I saw the improvement of the unit from it deployed. 33 only got together as a unit when it arrived in Iraq. And we were treated apallingly by the heirarchy we set the hospital up the way we wanted it with all the old modules the new ones arrived a few days before you arrived in theatre.
Most of 202 have absoutly no idea what a kick in the teeth it was for the regulars to be treated like in the way they were. There really was no requirement for 202 to be deployed it was a political decision as you had been called up for the original plan the turkish option that didn't come off.
33 was the first trawl through the AMS for a hospital and contained what was described as the A list we'd been hanging around from end of January to deploy. our advance part and tranche 1 put the hospital up and it wasn't even fully comissioned when we were pulled out to be replaced by 202 who when they arrived were a disgrace.
The reports I got were of ignorant take overs from 202 who wouldn't listen to the advice they were being given. My first contact with 202 was less than professional and downright rude on the part of your ops team. And this was someone who was working detached and trying their hardest to locate equipment and provide information for them.
I worked later with all the Hospitals and feel the best was 33 followed by 22 then 202 and lastly 34. 202 did treat more casualties than any field other field hospital you treated twice what the regulars treated. Which is hardly surprising for the length of time you were in theatre.
202 improvment was superb but then they couldn't have goten much worse. The did eventually start to listen to the advice being given but it was hard work getting the message across. 202 did what they were ment to do but I have to say things like the letters to the telegraph and the letters to MP's won them no friends.
Having spoken to people from my unit who were with 202 many of them believe 202 favoured their own and those from other units were treated as second class not getting kit or perks. Their opinion was the name plate should have been neutral. I personally think there should never be a totally TA hospital deployed again.
ooooh Japster, hit a nerve there old boy?

thing is though, without 33 and left to 202, that hospital would never have been built. Ive seen a STAB fd hosp that theyve put together on their own on ex and it should be made into a TV comedy.
and 202 will never ever live down the fact that they were trembling under tables refusing to come out when those blackhawks came in. Thank god for those from 33 that went over and did 'the job'.
yep turp it would have been interesting to see what the result of them bring the Kit from the field training centre woul have been like. They saw 2 established field hospitals before they got the chance to put their own one together. And last I heard they were still trying to sort it out.
I accept that things were difficult for both units involved in this sorry saga, but the constant denigration of 202 is really getting on my nerves. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. 202 did the job. All I can say is yes, 202 were not perfect, but neither was 33. I can only vouch for myself here but the department I went into was, literally, a shambles. The people from 33 had worked very hard to try and get it up and running but it was a mess which 202 eventually managed to clear up. I know that it was difficult for 33 to give up what they had helped to create. Please don`t have a go at 202 for our political masters decisions. I`ve been in a similar situation myself, it is S***ty, but hey, thats life in a green suit. We could spend a lot of time playing ping pong with specific incidents I`m sure but that would be a waste of both time and effort for the both of us.

Finally, I want to address the allegation that 202 were negligent/ cowardly in the matter of the mytical Blackhawks. The first time I came across this accusation was here on this website, something which I found very strange as that sort of tale would have been around 202 like a rash. I have questioned most of my unit who depolyed with 202 in relation to this matter and to a man/woman, nobody had heard about it. That is from some people who had no love for 202.

However, knowing the sceptisism that piece of news would be greeted with, I questioned an individual who was in a position to know of any incident of that kind and he gave me the following information.

Two helicopters (Chinooks) did land at the HLS and were not met by anybody from 202. 202 had not been informed of their arrival, so they were not unloaded by members of that unit. An internal investigation was set up and came to the following conclusion: the helicopters were not unloaded because they were empty when they landed. No casualties could be traced as coming from them. Where did 33 put them? On their vollyball court? That was the end of the matter until sombody suffering from crossed wires/ sour grapes decided to post the above accusation on this website.

I have no reason whatsoever to doubt the integrety of my informant, he is a man of great honour and would be the first to deal with any wrongdoing if it had occoured. Unfortunatly for the individuals who want to put 202 down, the incident as it is described just didn`t happen. Sorry.

I know that no amount of typed word will convince some people, so to them I say the following: have the courage of your convictions and staff the allegation up the chain of command and stop hiding behind the annonimity of this website. Or is that a bit too serious?

The charge of cowardice is the worst thing a soldier can be accused of. I would suggest that it is not members of 202 who show a lack of moral fibre in this matter.

BTW, we thought those "Stabbed in the back " T - shirts were hilarious.
Japster, you really need to get a dressing of some kind for that exposed nerve.
Re the Blackhawk incident I first heard about it in theatre from 202 staff.

And if you found the STABBED in the Back T-shirts so funny why was your matron chuntering about them?

As you have been told before Japster it was a mess cause due to usual army planning the new modules arrived at the last minite. AN BTW the hospital was up and running and had been for a few weeks.

As to descisions from above you were sent to prove a concept and unfortunatley you made it work so we will probably see cuts in the regular side of the AMS with the cry from our political masters well the TA can do it we don't need the regulars. So the fallout for the AMS as a whole could be disasterous.

One of the main things that was abundantly clear to me was the numbers of 202 who didnt want to be there compared to 33 who actually were gutted at being withdrawn. And I know for a fact that it is one of the major factors in some of the armies best practioners leaving.

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