Battlefield Drugs.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, May 1, 2010.

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  1. It seems to me that an ever increasing amount of drugs of one form or another are being administered to Western Forces prior to and during recent conflicts.
    The military are told that it is for their own good and protection, on the other hand there have been some almighty chemical funk ups in recent times, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, and thalidomide being just some examples that have caused catastrophic suffering to people.
    Another frightening aspect to all this is that the people who give the orders for these drugs to be administered end up being above the law by simply stating "It was the best knowledge we had at the time"
    The question is ......Is it really necessary for the Military to be so drugged up on the battlefield and are the long term effects really understood ??
  2. People are daft enough to take them tho :?

    If someone came near me with a syringe i'd tell them where to sick it, and no it wouldn't be my arrse :roll:
  3. Long term effects understood? No. Or maybe. But disregarded for immediate operational reasons. Gulf war syndrome would seem to suggest that. Although how they could not know that the NAPS/MOPPS tablets would have some long term side effects does beggar belief?

    Is it true that many troops who yomped across East Falkland in 1982 did so under the influence of powerful amphetamines? I always thought there was something in the rat pack coffee in those days too.

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  4. Its not a question of being daft enough to take them ...... The Military are Ordered to take them!
    N.A.P.S tablets were "unlicensed" and contain pyridostigmine bromide!
    (A major health suspect in G.W.S.)
  5. But were approved by the US Food & Drug Administration
  6. OP: when you refer to an increasing amount of drugs, which drugs are you thinking of? And to which Western forces are they administered?
  7. But never in the U.K ! ..... and for good reason.
    I am referring to a whole multitude of drugs being issued chiefly to American and British Forces sir.

    N.A.P.S. B.A.T.S. Sand fly. Malaria. Yellow fever. Anthrax. Bubonic plague. just a small example.

    More worrying are the ones classified as "secret" and are now being issued to deal with Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare threats.
    You will never know whats in them or what their long term effects may be.
  8. Dont know where you lot get your info from.

    UK forces are not routinely given anything at this time other than your normal vaccinations. Anthrax is still voluntary as is rabies and the ONLY time i have ever been given NAPS was in Telic 1 and in my opinion that was the right decision at the time. Very simple if you get hit with nerve agent after taking NAPs you have a chance if you havent taken them you have very little chance of survival. Once the fighting was over no longer a threat we stopped taking them total time on them probably 3 or 4 wks side effects makes your farts really stink.

    Hell of a lot of conspiracy theories about

  9. News to me, why didn't I get any drugs, all I got was maleria tabs. :cry:
  10. There was a lot of presure put on the soldiers in my unit to get the anthrax jab prior to Telic one. Most people still refused.
    There were a few troop/section heads who had daily parades to ensure their soldiers took NAPS as well.
    I've never been forced to take any kind of medical drug since being in the army.
  11. I was with 40 cdo and we were given them for the invasion and once that had stabilised and we had made it safe for Perce (awaiting incoming!!) it was withdrawn

    Your not jealous not to have been on NAPs are you Mark?
  12. Classic example ..... In Gulf 1 a total of Severn different types of drugs were administered on troops, one of these drugs were later found to be unlicensed and another two were classified as "secret"
    It was later admitted by Government that this combination of drugs in cocktail form had never been tested on humans before!
    The net result being that literally thousands of Allied forces started to go down with "Unexplained ill symptoms" and hence Gulf War Syndrome is born, all except the French that is, the French never took the same drug combination as the rest of us, which makes you wonder with hindsight if this whole drug thing was one big secret experiment, as the Military are the perfect guinea pigs as they obey orders and don't argue back .
    I remember quite vividly that there was deep concern on the ground with the men when all these drugs started to appear mainly in Saudi Arabia.
    And what the funk were British scientists doing just after the war ended interviewing soldiers about any" ill side effects" after taking these drugs ??
    This is fact not fiction.
  13. technology and research moves a lot lot slower than paranoia.

    Undeveloped/emerging science/technology shouldn't be rushed into common usage till fully tested
  14. I can confirm this, on Gw1, Al Jubail and Coy lined up on parade on walks RSM and barks 'right your all getting injections today and any one who doesn't want them, the reply is get in fcukin line cos your having them'
    5 mins later stood in a 'production line', medics on both sides of us having both arms jabbed with NUMEROUS needles?????
    Oh and fcuked the Naps of after 2 weeks on them and started getting sh1ts and shakes, no way was I taking a bATS did you see the fcukin size of them???? 8O
  15. All I ever got was number "nines"+ told to piss off and see my own doctor! :D