Battlefield Britain

Anyone see that Buddica thing with Jon Snow and his son on BBC2 last night.

Well worth a look, they recreated Buddica (Boudacias) revolt against the Romans with computerised special effects and "interviews" with participants.

It seems that The head roman was abit of a tinker and had Queen B and her daughters raped as part of a routine vist from the Taxman.

She turned on him and the tribes united and burnt down much of Southern England.

The head bloke was in Anglesey doing a bit of druid bashing and his undermanned legions had a forced march from bases in North Wales and Exeter to an RVP near St Albans.

Meanwhile 9th Legion marched from York to Colchester and were ambushed and massacred by the long haired ones

This was the queue for an excellent interview with a Roman "survivor" who just kept saying things like "I couldn't believe it, the Civvys were relying on us and we let them down"

Outside London 20,000 roman squaddies routed 10 times there number of crusty looking people on chariots with superior disicipline and technology before putting the women and childen to the sword and resettling Buddiccas tribe in supervised villages.

Top, next week we get our arrses whipped by the Normans, can't wait.

Atleast after that we start winning.


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