Battlefield BC2- XboxLive clan??

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by armr617, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Sooooooo, everybody got it?
    Lets get an arrsers clan going on then
    My wife is away on cse next week so i'll be on every night!
    I'll start the list


  2. Got it, love it, play it way too much :)

    All Medic bits and bobs opened, one gun to go and recon is done.

    Buggrit69 is me tag. Most will probably have it from COD MW2 anyway.
  3. Not got it yet. Is it better than the 1st one?
  4. Much better. Graphics have been upgraded, sound is excellent (set audio to War Tapes if you have surround sound), maps are awesome.
    I normally get bored quite quickly with these multiplayer kill anything that moves games, I did with MW2, but this seems to have me hooked.
  5. Will get it tomorrow.
  6. Been playing with a few arrsers today, tactics and all.

    Im quite good... :twisted:

    So add me....

  7. Added!
    I'm not that good, but I do have my moments!
  8. Add me if you want.

    GT dannyboy2511

    I play this far too often.
  9. Dannyby, your tag comes up not recognised on XBL
  10. Thats strange. I'll add you mate.

    Dont forget its just dannyboy2511 like my user name.
    Not GT dannyboy2511
  11. aha- novice mistake, and in retrospect, GT= gamertag. MONG!!
    I shall go outside and commit hari-kari by way of atonement!
  12. ZegaJuice

    What are the preferred game modes then? I prefer rush because of the maps but conquest is ok aswell.

    Don't really play squad deathmatch it's just a killfest a la MW2.
  13. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Think I'll be looking at getting it this weekend, have a stack of old xbox games to trade in...So those who haven't got my tag from COD it is below.


  14. Do it, I payed £3 for my copy when I traded a bunch of old games at 'Game'