Battlefield: Bad Company

I'm thinking about buying Battlefield: Bad Company for the 360. I was just wondering if anybody had it and what their thoughts are before I part with 40 notes.
Mr_Fluffy said:
Buy it mate, it's pretty good... Hours of entertainment!
Righto, Order placed :D Can't wait.
You'll love it mate, more weapons than you could shake a big old barbed wire wrapped stick at!
Very enjoyable game to play, love the soundtrack and the feel the programmers have given it, have completed it (on easy, bit of a wimp but was a clerk so thats my excuse), looking forward to having a go online.
The online play is quite good and, unlike COD4, you can drive around in tanks and (impossible to fly) helicopters.

COD4 is better in terms of graphics, sound etc but i like BF, though it's nowhere near as good as the PC version.

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