Battlefield: Bad Company - PS3

I've just downloaded and wasted a few hours on this demo (actual game is released on 27/06/08 apparently) and its freaking awesome on multiplayer.

Could it be a COD4 killer?? Probably not but then again its massive squad on squad combat with vehicles and aircraft

Download it off the Playstation Network now and give it a blast. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Perhaps. Fully destructible envrionments, vehicles, large open warfare etc.. If its anything like BF2, sniping will play a big part in it. I'm planning to buy this game on release day, as long as the recoil system doesnt suck, COD4 is the best FPS since CS imo. Will it kill off COD4? I hope not. I love COD4 for the realism, but if BF is going to be more arcade based like Halo 3, i'll be hesitating over buying it.

Not that theres anything wrong with Halo 3, great game but i got tired of it after spending hundreds of hours on Halo 1 & 2.

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