Looks good, will get this soon.
Would you say it was better than MW2 or just different?
It is similar in that you have to get experience points to unlock certain weapons, but if you are playing online and walk upto a tank you can just get in and start destroying people and buildings - without having to accrue a large death streak.

Also you can damage buildings and this can be to your advantage especially if any baddies are in the building. if you get it now, you are on the same level as everyone else. Last night i was playing and it was obvious that everyone had just got the game because everyone was a private.


It lands in shops today, probably will be picking my copy up shortly, just hope the final product is a vast improvement on the demo! Which it probably will be.


billypleased said:
Looks good, will get this soon.
Would you say it was better than MW2 or just different?
Depends what you like more, just blatting rounds off at anything that moves rambo style (MW2) or squad based having to work as a team with less focus on killing but more on acheiving objectives (BC2)
i have been playing the Beta version on pc since it was released. I like both MW2 and BF2 and it is a cross between the 2. you can do the run round shooting everything that moves or you can do the good old squad game.
i will be mostly getting some gameplay in this afternoon as my copy arrived in the post this morning. :lol:
bring it on.
Just got mines today ! and its brilliant ! the sound effect graphics and overall gameplay is great, Much better than MW2 i think. BFBC2 is more for the tactics gamer, the sniping is awsome, and all the other classes. Never relised i picked up the limited edition though lol and got the M1A1 Thompson and all the other extra things you get with it. For me its a 10/10. Anyone want a game then add my PSN Lgnd---Bev :)
if you have your PS3 plumbed into a home theatre make sure you select war tapes as your sound option, my whole house shook when i blew a tank up by airstrike, the sound effects are brilliant.

i also have the limited edition version, there are some good unlocks on there
lgnd-bev said:
Wish i had surround sound :p

Also, did you get the M1 granad mate ? it says that i have got it but its nowher to be seen :?:
i think it gets unlocked further into the game, or you select it as one of the 4 options ie engineer, medic, infantry etc - i think, last night i just used the standard weapon offered.
It has a shed load of maps. Played for a few hours last night and i must say its bloody good.

The war tapes on surround sound is the way to go. should have been the default sound setting.

Personally i would say stick to hardcore as you dont have a map telling everyone where you are when you shoot. And they drop in a couple rounds aswell. (works both ways tho)
Just picked it up at game for £3- traded in a bunch of old games that were gathering dust.
Looking forward to monday night, 1st night I'll be able to get online with xboxlive (PS3 is goosed)
Right, I'll commit sacrilage (sp?) by declaring that I don't really like it. Bought it on release day, traded it three days later.

*Sits and waits for incoming abuse* :D
Been playing Bad Company 2 on the PC got to the bit where you have to take the sniper out with a knife. Only problem is I can't find the fecking knife. Where is it? Where`s it gone? Did I have it in the first place? Looked in the instruction booklet, nothing in there? Any ideas
knife is the centre button or sroll on ur mouse!!

edited to say i have completed the single player its very good!!

multi player is the way forward now! :)
the capagin was good, when that horn sound kept comming on, it reminded me of lost on sky 1 ! lol multiplayer is great and hardcore is even better. :D

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