Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Zega, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. BC 2 Home page

    Looks like an excellent game and in my opinion will knock MW2 off the top spot for first-person shooters.

    Huge maps, longer games, TANKS!!!

    I can't wait.....Iv'e raped MW2 to death and getting bored......
  2. number 1 is even better than MW2. Anyway on this second version there are added quad bikes and black hawk choppers meaniing there's a pilot, gunner and i think six passenger seats. Oh yeah UAV now as well all coming together with the original tanks, apaches , APC ,IFV's,vast landscapes and now you can completely destroy houses watching it crumble in stunning graphics.
  3. I may pre order it today but not to sure if it will top MW2...I mean yeah Im starting to get bored of it cause of all the campers etc But it is a great game, I was addicted to the first battlefield bad coy got some great kills using the sniper :D and i loved the tanks and the apaches :p
  4. I never played the first one but I have always liked the battlefield games (BF2 & 2142 on PC) and always thought they were better than their Call of Duty counterparts.

    I'll be pre ordering it as soon as my giro and child support comes in :wink:
  5. Downloaded the demo yesterday, must say after raping MW2 this game is tricky to get the hang of but bloody brilliant!

    Anybody else got the demo yet?
  6. Where ya get the demo from
  7. You download it from PSN or Xbox Live.
  8. I posted this somewhere else after spending a day playing the demo :)

    Have any of you chaps downloaded and played the Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer demo from xbox live yet?
    I'd recommend it if you havent. I think this game is going to take people away from COD MW2.
    The map(s) are huge(theres only one in the demo), the addition of vehicles is brilliant and great fun. Destroyable building and landmarks. Heavy weapon hard points.

    The UAV is just brilliant.

    Medics with heavy machine gungs, defibrilators and med packs.
    Engineers to repair vehicles and use rpgs.
    Assault class with normal weapons,
    and of course the ubiquitous sniper.

    Couple of points though:

    Snipers are impossible to see, so of course theres a lot of snipers.

    Its very hard to shoot a moving target .

    The weapon mechanics seem a bit off ie shooting someone from a distance with an assault rifle, they dont go down but turn and from the same distance kill you will a silenced smg. (of course this could be down to the fact that Im just pants and the kiddies are way better).

    All in all from this demo, I'll definitely be buying and playing this. MW2 may very well get scrapped.
  9. demo is available on PSN tomorrow.
  10. Just played it. Controls felt odd, not attached and things felt clumsy.
  11. I've been playing BF1943 for a couple of months. It's the first game I've ever played for more than about 10 mins, but it's absolutely awesome, and this looks even better. Looking forward to the demo tomorrow.
  12. Just got it and had a half an hour bash on it, well worth the download. It's a bit tricky to get to grips with what's going on at first but once you settle in it's brilliant, I can see this easily pulling people away from MW2.

    Maps are huge and well designed, classes are good, fully destructable environments allow for quite a bit of creativity, plenty of vehicles and most noticably, it's actually tactical, not just an orgy of rambo-goodness (though that is an option). The demo's pretty laggy though to be fair (or I'm just pants).
  13. been dying to have a crack at this :D will be downloading tomorrow of psn !
  14. Not played this yet, but BF1943 (the WW2-based predecessor to this) was brilliant if you have a couple of mates who know what they're doing. The other players tend not to understand the concept of fire and manouvere, choke points or denying ground. It's satisfying to hear them whine like fuck over the comms as they're cut to pieces time and time again :twisted: