Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)

Have any of you chaps downloaded and played the Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer demo from xbox live yet?
I'd recommend it if you havent. I think this game is going to take people away from COD MW2.
The map(s) are huge(theres only one in the demo), the addition of vehicles is brilliant and great fun. Destroyable building and landmarks. Heavy weapon hard points.

The UAV is just brilliant.

Medics with heavy machine gungs, defibrilators and med packs.
Engineers to repair vehicles and use rpgs.
Assault class with normal weapons,
and of course the ubiquitous sniper.

Couple of points though:

Snipers are impossible to see, so of course theres a lot of snipers.

Its very hard to shoot a moving target .

The weapon mechanics seem a bit off ie shooting someone from a distance with an assault rifle, they dont go down but turn and from the same distance kill you will a silenced smg. (of course this could be down to the fact that Im just pants and the kiddies are way better).

All in all from this demo, I'll definitely be buying and playing this. MW2 may very well get scrapped. :)

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