Battlefield 3

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by syledis, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. Im at the part where i climb in the bank window into a toilet where i get jumped by a masked man and i still cant kill him after 2 days, help please!!
  2. No problem mate, always happy to help a fellow gamer.

    Just post your full address, bank details and a pic of your missus topless and ill be round straight after work. I'll sort out that pesky toilet attacker and we can pop for a pint afterwards.

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  3. Gee thanks pal , you sound like a real stand up type of guy so details are on their way!!
  4. Well to be fair without someone actually coming and pressing the buttons at the right time for you then you're pretty much on your on.

    I know the bit in the game you mean, just press the buttons when they appear on the screen :s that's it

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  5. tried that many many times!!
  6. Forget the singleplayer. It's unimaginative at best but the quicktime events are just retarded. Who on earth thought that pressing a single button in a very short space of time constitutes good gameplay? Or that we enjoy playing through exactly the same sequence over and over?

    Just go to the multiplayer, which is excellent.
  7. Another thread with the title Battlefield 3. Was confused for a minute then.

    Maybe you could have put this in that thread?

    IIRC that bit is just a couple of button presses. Why so hard?
  8. Then you're shit, and have the reactions of an RLC driver
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  9. Play COD, it's better