Battlefield 3 ARRSE Clan/Platoon (PS3)

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Gundulph, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. Any ARRSERs on the PS3 up for forming a Platoon/Clan.. names below, I will form the ARRSE Platoon over on the BF3 Blog, not sure how the Stats and everything link up so if anyone is in the know let us know here...

    You'll need to Register here: and then add your Username to the Thread below here and I'll add you to the Clan or send the info...
  2. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I'll be getting involved after Christmas when my epic mouse and keyboard convertor arrives and I can smash all console FPSers with my PC skills :)
  3. count me in i have 2 weeks to burn until phase 1
  4. An ARRSEr has set up a Platoon in there, just register then search for ARRSE and apply to join it.
  5. i couldnt access the website becuase it asked for a email and password? is this your PSN or email?
  6. I've applied to join... see you online...

    You have to have an EA / Origin account first, then you can log into the battlelog... ******* EA though eh? Online activation codes and 3rd party website sign-ins... its a bit of a chore.
  7. Is it the [ars]Arrse platoon? If so, joined! Don't have a mic yet! But point me and I'll do!
  8. applied to join, please et me in your gang.
  9. Stick your PS3 and it's security errors up your bum, lads.

    The Xbox team is far more ally.
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  10. If by "ally" you mean "pay monthly", then your right.
  11. Have any PS3 types played in this platoon yet? Does it need the guy who set it up to play?
  12. Add your PSN tags peeps, mine is above. Add me!
  13. Anderson3394 for me!
  14. barried9769

    will be on the morra if anyone is about
  15. Any ARRSE BF3 PC Pl?