Battlefield 2142

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Big_Mike, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. has anyone played BF 2142 if you have what is it like i bought it while i was in the falklands not realising that its a online only game
  2. I think its pretty good.

    The way you use unlocks etc, is actually quite important in creating the right character. The vehicles are pretty tidy

    My favorite Mode Is the Titan mode which adds a different angle, were you really need to play as a team, to take over the enemy Titan.

    All in all its a well put together game, mainly due to the experience EA have gained from the rest of the Battlefield series.
  3. Great game, I play it any free time I get on my comp.

    It is very team/squad oriented, join a "clan" or whatever they are called nowadays, teamwork will win every battle.
  4. Yeah i can recommend it. I find it a bit more better then BF2 due to the rank system and the unlocks etc.. plus titan mode. Also runs better then BF2 more stable.
  5. Will add my wieght to it too. Need a good system to get the best out of it but it has an excellent online play, especially Titan! The add on pack Northern Strike is good too.
  6. Titan Mode is the way to go, especially for newbies to the game to get those all important experience points for upgrade. Go for Assault mode initially, this will give you pretty early access to a 'defeibrilator' which is a quick way to get extra points, same goes for the med pack, drop them around the main bases whenever you can.

    Another tip, once your own Titan shield is down get yourself into an APC and fire yourself up onto your own roof, from here you can defend against the incoming troop as they try to gain access to your Titan via the 2 roof top entrances, bags of points to be had if you can stay alive as they are double points for Titan Defence, same goes for attacking theirs but not as much oportunity to get as many points. Once you improve, get yourself into one of those top entrances and wait for the enemy to drop down next to shooting fish in a barrel!

    Use the small but fast jeeps to go from silo to silo to get yourself capture points, don't bother hanging around in tanks as you just waste time and you will get taken out by engineers or the attack heli.

    I think I need to get out more...
  7. Or just spawn inside your own titan and jump in its pods and pod on to the second back deck. :p
  8. you will have to give me your usernames and once i get back to the uk ill find you all on there
  9. Where are the pods in your own Titan?
  10. My game stops loading at about 50-75%. anyone else had this, and if so what did you do to fix it?
  11. Spawn in your own titan - go either left or right into the side gutters and there are 3 tube like bits - enter one, right click and your out and away in a pod :)
  12. Sounds like you got a shite computer :p

    Check your processer and graphics card.
  13. Its ok, I re-installed the game and all patches it now flies again....
  14. If someone picks a server then i'll tag along when I get back to blighty.
  15. Is there a 2142 ARRSE clan????