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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Proximo, Aug 16, 2006.

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    Folks! Here's where you find everything you need to find your ARRSE gaming chums in the BF2 world.

    For the 'ARRSE Clan' website - run by Goku, Panzer and a host of others - click here.

    The Official EA Games BF2 website is here.

    When you have bought the game, you will need the latest patch (v1.4) before you do anything. You can get it here.

    The linked thread (Gaming Community Is Born!) is here.


    If you have any specific BF2 questions, PM Goku.
  2. Folks - this is really taking off and certain ARRSErs have been beavering away get this up and running.

    Visit the site and check it out.

    No experience required - training provided! :D
  3. Get yer Arrse's in there and join the fun :D
  4. u r a ll poofs
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  5. It's a nice place to meet people then kill them all.... :D
  6. Is it worth getting the Deluxe pack, or just the regular game? I only have BF1942 and Call of Duty at the moment, so I might get BF2.
  7. I got the Deluxe pack - waste of time if you're only going to play with the clan IMHO. It's only got BF2 and BF2 SF - get the regular version.
  8. Delux pack is good. But for the ARRSE server, you just need the original BF2, plus all the patches, which are downloaded from various sites.
  9. There are other bits n bobs to download and pay but imho thats something once you know you like the game and play for fun!
  10. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Ok, I just ordered the game and a suitable headset. Few questions which I could find out from a website I know. 1.) Maximum size for a clan at one time 16? 2.) Does the game have in built comms? 3.) Does anyone have a voice procedure manual lying about ;)
  11. I'm currently out on TELIC at the moment but expect me back into the BF2 world post XMas. Was doing alright prior to coming out here, will see how long it takes to brush off the gaming cobwebs
  12. Hey there guys, bought this today. Managed to get the Delux pack for £15! I'm not at home at the moment, so won't be online until Monday or something, but let us know when you are on and in which server.
  13. If anyone knows how to get through heavy duty firewalls/proxy server etc then I have it to play with...
  14. I'm a BF2 fanatic, good to see some ARRSErs play it too. :D

    I'll get onto the site right away.