Battlefield 2 Mod/Clan - [ABA] Active British Army

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by guitar_playa08, May 29, 2008.

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  1. closed.

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  2. Ill be on there straight away mate...

    Finally, gone are the days playing some US marine and firing M4's/16's, the only chance you get to fire the L85A2 is when your a medic, and who wants to do that???

    Edit: how can i Join the ABA Clan, im sick of playing with Russian 30 year olds who alawys crouch behind a crate killing everyone at the Spawn point, in my terminology SUCH FECKING NOOBS!
  3. Only serving members allowed? Ive been out 18 months...Would that be ok?
  4. closed
  5. a re enlist would have been serving at some point so would come under the heading of 'ex' anyway....
  6. I d/loaded PR and installed it but when i click the shortcut all i get is that i must use pr.exe and not bf2.exe (although i am clicking the pr shortcut).

    Any ideas? All patches etc are up to date...
  7. They wouldn't be up for it as most of them are MATELOTS and love it up the wrong'un. TSG doesn't like PR for some reason!!!!
  8. Hmmm i heard a rumour of this occuring I don't know what the problem may be....... check the following:

    -Is you original BF2 in the default C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2
    -Have you updated to 1.41 BF2 client
    -Is your PR version the latest (0.75)
    - This is exactly what you need to download and install to work PR:
    :pR Core Installer
    :pR Levels Installer
    :pR Patch Updater

    Also make sure when you installed PR that it resides at the same location as your original BF2.

    If you still can't get it working, I advise you to check out their forum base, because I know people have had this problem, unfortunately (or fortunately) I havnt maybe the fact im running vista??? I highly doubt that though BF2 was made primarily for XP before vista was released anyway.

    Let me know if you get it sorted, if not ill shout out to one of the boys at active british army clan and see if he can help ;)
  9. Ive done everything it said in the forum and it hasnt changed a thing. I run XP.
  10. Having spent hours downloading PR and installing it (including the maps and the patch) guess what? it doesn't work, well that isn't accurate; It loads, but there are no servers for multiplayer, no maps for single player and my stats are all screwed up.
    Even better if you look at the various types of solider you'd like to pretend to be you discover that the Combat Engineer is there to be a medic. also there are no pics of them.

    other than all that it looks great.
  11. You have a PM.

    For any others that are having problems.

    Single player is a seperate download. On the multiplayer uncheck all the filters except 'same mod' and the servers should appear.

    make sure you have the latest BF2 1.41 patch and you will also need the special forces booster pack installed.