Battlefield 1943 - any players here?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by trickywoo, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. With the wife and children on holiday for 6 blasted weeks, I've managed to become addicted to BF 1943 on the 360. I'm fortunate in that the 360 is linked to a home cinema so the interaction is properly stunning however there's a problem because nobody really seems to enjoy teamwork so it's every man for himself. Are there any fellow Arrsers who play this amazing game?

    Edited to add: I've just found a way to search for known users so if we get it set up we can time a match. (Sorry if this is all old news but it's a new idea to me.)
  2. Get yourself on COD4, much more fun, and you can pick yourself up a copy second hand for about 25 quid.

    Trust me, much more fun, and lots of team work!

    See you on there :)
  3. I have COD4 but I've not tried the multiplayer.

    BF1943 is the best game I've played in the last few years though
  4. I play it and find the same issue but makes a huge difference when in a good squad. I find COD4 is very much the same idea of every man for himself multiplayer.
  5. I never seem to hear people talking on 43 very often either - certainly compared to, say, GTA but on that it's just US kids spouting nonsense
  6. I play, gamertag is tmm32x. Having played all the incarnations of BF on the PC I didn't think I'd like it but it's good fun. could do with a couple of extra maps maybe.
  7. Hi, I go on as Twunty, I'll add you're name to the search thingy. I'm working from home all week so I'll be playng a lot :D

    Re maps - I've found that repeat playing pays massive dividends allowing actions like parachuting on to the side of the air raid bunker straight from spawn or, after an enemy air raid, waiting outside for the unfortunate occupant's exit!
  8. Yeah thats cos you're Billy No Mates.
    Ever get the hint you're not welcome.
    Go back to your forces hating journalism and lose some weight :evil:
  10. Get onto Project reality......Stop messing about with old stuff.
  12. hmmm.... sounds like someone's making threats there. Are you going to be claiming your dad's bigger than Tricky's dad next?

    You'll find that Tricky is a former soldier himself and in no way a "forces hating journo" as he works in the City.

    Because who has the right to post/be a member and who doesn't is a decision for the mods and admins and Tricky hasn't done anything to earn the ire of either.

    Play nicely now.