Battledress Trousers & Anklets.

Pardon the intrusion gents, don't wish to disturb your ovaltine & digestives, but it seemed like the place to ask!

What is the 'correct' or at least the neatest method for blousing BD trousers over anklets?
Lead weights on a cord, my old man swore by them, I swore at them.
According to my Dad (RASC 1945 onwards) they used chains to make it look smart but they moved about if not held on with a stitch or two.
Thanks chaps,

Have the weight bit sorted... It's more what you do with the two and a half legs worth of excess trouser that's confusing me!
Take hold of a bunch of BD each side of your ankle, and carefully fold each 'leaf' forward, there should be no overlap.

tuck in to your sock then fit gaiter to your ankle.

tug and adjust to make the best of it.

All the rest is lead weighting, slashing peaks and soaping creases. I know nowt about that. :eek:

Blancoeing a belt, a scrubbed clean belt brushed with brasso then blancoed gives a smart difference to your turnout.

Also bleaching your woven tie then soaking in strong tea will make you stand out in a crowd.
Elastics were very popular, even in the olden days, either just below the top buckle or just above, on the shin.

Another, rather rare, approach was not to tuck the trousers in to the anklets at all, but just to turn them up inside and secure with a couple of stitches at the seams. Popping a lavatory chain inside the turn helped a bit too.

When I wore BD with puttees in my RMR days, I found that the longer the trousers were, the better the blousing. I turned my folds backwards rather than forwards and I think most people did too.

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be, of course.
Elastic, preferably a black elastic could always tell a tale then.............laggy around gaitor, tuck up spare trouser leg ............not recommended for guard mounting!
Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what's all this 'olden days' Kimo Sabe?
Cheers muchly gents.

I'll have to experiment a bit I think, using trainer laces with weights in to keep the 'blouse' down, but still getting an "In The Navy" effect due to the sheer amount of surplus trouser. Looks very naff.

Will try your suggestions and report back on my sartorial state.
It's amazing what a thin Paper Back Novel used to do. Trousers in Elastic Bands above the Gaiter and thin paper back front and rear in overlap and
Bob's yer Uncle. Didn't sway around like Chains and also kept the Creases as they should be. Apart from that you always had something to read after Guard Parade. B.
No pain ever since the crotch rash of a new set of BD's, New enrty boy soldier in Chepstow I was told by My Father(Argylly 12 yrs) to shave the inside crease to get best effect. Spent the next three months paying for new trousers. TWAT!
Recall old school using lead weights inside bottom of leg for best effect. Only to be bollocked for doing same.
A friend of mine used to use a bicycle chain around the bottom, held a good shape and he could use it for fighting in the town afterwards. 8O

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