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Battle Trophies

Do you think you should be allowed to take trophies from the enemies that you have slain in battle? My Dad has quite an assortment of battle trophies taken from his enemies. According to my Dad if you make the kill then you are allowed to take a trophie from the dead man you have slain.

For example, if a young private goes to Iraq and kills an Iraqi soldoier do you think it's ok for him to take the dead Iraqi's wrist watch as a trophy? Not just his wrist watch but anything to use as a symbol of his glory. My Dad has some Vietcong teeth, a lock of vietnamese hair, a vietnamese knife and various other bits and bobs that he took from the bodies of those who fell before him.

Other trophies for toops today could include a lock of arab beard, a turben, a bullet taken from the dead man's gun and a ring that you cut off the finger.


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