Battle to retake Basra was complete disaster



This is a bizarre article. Firstly, the fact that it wasn't all perfect, especially on the logistic front, is pretty irrelevant. The fact they managed to get the troops down from Baghdad in one piece is pretty amazing in itself; something they could not have done themselves six months ago. Lawrence of Arabia's quote about "better the Arabs do it tolerably than we do it perfectly" springs to mind.

Secondly, the quote that the "decision to allow Nouri al-Maliki, the prime minister of Iraq, to run the operation had been a... (disaster)" is very, very naive. It is their country, he is the Iraqi PM, we have a tiny number of troops there. Whose 'decision' was it? Not ours.

The fact is that in the circumstances, the IA did a pretty good job. The IPS however (which we have wasted millions of man-hours 'mentoring' over the last few years) were at best useless and at worst part of the enemy forces (as any soldier who has served there would have predicted),

Daily Mailograph. Sh1t reporting. Very sad.
I agree with Brandt. Presumably the quote of an SO2 who has given his all trying to mentor the IPS and never quite grasping the reality that they are corrupt to the core. Mohan was put into an impossible position trying to hold an irrational PM at bay until MNSTCI produce some semblance of realistic sustainable capability in 14 Div and ever losing confidence that the UK really intended to provide tangible support - what a surprise there was not a map in sight - we probably refused to give them any, or comms other than mobiles. In the circumstances the IA did, and are still doing,a bloody good job (or at least better than we have done since Aug 2007.

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