Battle to gain protection for war memorials

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by reido80, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,
    I am launching a campaign aiming to get the law changed and get protection for war memorials.

    So far letters have went to local Councillors, local and national MP's/MSP's.

    The paper used headlines aimed at metal theft but the campaign is aimed at more than that, I think they used that headline because its a current issue in the news and would grab more attention?

    The next step is to spread the word and get backing from as many as possible. We are arranging for a group of Veterans to be interviewed locally next week and trying to gain support from veteran associations, British legion branches and locally the Scottish branch of the legion.

    Our aim is to get parliament to debate the issue and get the law/legislation changed to treat desecration of memorials as a crime its self, whether that be by vandalism, theft or damage ect.

    Im sure everyone would like to see a punishment that fits the crime as is rightly reflected in public disgust, anger and opinion rather than these people just being charged with theft or criminal damage and serve a petty punishment.

    If Arrse, or anyone on here can help support this or knows of any groups ect that would help support this please get in touch through PM.

    (appoligies if this is in the wrong section of the forum, please move to relevant section if required)

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  2. Why does every ****** think that facefuck or twatter are good mediums for this.

    We do not need more laws.
  3. Nope, don't care.
  4. So we need more laws to protect war memorials on top of laws that already protect law memorials?

    Can you see why people think you're a bit of a ****?
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  5. I'm doing a big pan of beef stew. I've made a picture just for you. Cock.

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  6. "you are" my dear boy, you are :)

    Agree with dingerr though, laws already exist they just need enforcing. Or perhaps you're thinking of a new law that allows for the scum to be lawfully beaten and skull cracked on the steps of the memorial they're desecrating, like the one that allows for a Scotsman to be killed with a bow if found in the grounds of York castle... or is it a Welshman? whichever :)

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  7. I'd rather a memorial was vandalised than a hospital.
  8. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    So which do you want, a special law to protect War Memorials or sentencing guidelines changed?
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  10. I see numerous memorials, all pristine. I feel in general, the law protects war memorials.
    Regardless of any change in law, this will not stop metal theft, thieves risk their lives digging up cable on the railways to flog, so the threat of a harsher sentence isn't going to phase them, especially in rural communities where you could set about demolishing a small villiage memorial and the Police wouldn't be able to get to you in time.

    Legislation already exists to deal with vandalism under the Criminal Damage Act, however its up to the Judge/Magistrate's legal advisor to consider whether the fact its a war memorial counts as an aggravating factor. At the moment, the current sentenceing guidelines don't make any reference to it (unless you can class it as a civil/public amenity?).

    Personally I don't feel outrage is the best motivation for changing legislation. A calm, measured approach to deal with an established, widespread problem should be the best way to come up with a solution.
  11. I am launching a campaign aiming to get funding for scientific research to discover a place beyond the bounds of the current known universe. So you can **** off to it.
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  12. Christ, bloke wants a few signatures about a campaign to in some way aid the protection of war memorials and encounters more flak than a friggin' Heinkel.

    ARRSE is so unpredictable, it's what keeps me coming back to her like a doormat boyfriend.
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  15. Totally agree why not just use mushrooms and if needed concentrated cook and reduce. Much better flavour and a lot cheaper.