Battle simualtion range

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by 5.56mm, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. well when i went to hythe ranges we went on the battle simulation range and ill sum it up in two words abosolutley fantastic
  2. 1. You can't spell.

    2. Why do you start pointless threads that is only going to p1ss everyone off once again, it is very surprising you haven't been awarded the title of "Oxygen Thief" yet!!

    Edited for being a hungover mong!!
  3. A special version for those that can't spell?
  4. the reason i posted this thread is that i have never done any shooting that exciting before. We usaully just do groupings in cadets, as that is only what instructors are qualified for. I just loved the way you had to be so alert and switched on and cover other peoples lanes.the smoke and sound also made it that bit more exciting. That week i did cqb, gallery and clay pigeon and that was by far the best range i have done.
  5. Good for you 5.56mm. I would hazard a guess that it can only be more exciting when your targets begin to shoot back! Enjoy yourself while you can and keep posting. :wink:
  6. wel, i went to klacton peer and they had icc creem and nice red balooons
  7. how big are the groupings?
    how many lanes?
    the smoke and sound?

    This is truly enthralling and Please continue, i would like to see where your going with this one 5.56mm
  8. I hate to spoil the fun and stand up for 5.56mm.... honest I'll be having a word with myself later but here goes.....
    5.56mm was a part of a coy of cadets that fired on the section in defence range at Hythe. I'm from a regional training team and assisted the cadets by running these ranges for them as they don't have people qualified to do so. The shoot I ran was exactly the same as I've run for regular units during their op telic training and also for reg inf units as a part of their range package. Bearing in mind that these are KIDS I was amazed by their enthusiam and their willingness to learn. They were running around or crawling on their bellies without complaint during the hottest part of the year. I can only say that I was very impressed with all of the cadets, lets hope that at least some of them go on and join either the TA or the regs....obviously had i known that 5.56mm was there i'd have been especially harsh on him.....but glad he enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed having them....erm......maybe i should re-phrase that last bit!!!!
  9. What's wrong with you miserable bustards? As you can no doubt gather from the gist of his post and the fact that he's added his photo - he's only a kid for fcuk sake!

    5.56mm - good lad.
  10. Oh well, no matter what people say about him, there are young people of today who are far worse than him. He's not a bad lad and I hope he enjoys what he does in cadets and decides to take a career in the military.
  11. Why be cynical? If this doesn't remind some of us of exactly why we joined, then maybe we're in the wrong job... Good on you kid - enjoy the opportunities when you get them.
  12. I suppose that would appeal to you, judging you by your symbol/badge
  13. Agreed, muzzleflash! Can't understand why people try to dampen his enthusiasm.

    Maybe we need another title (would you call it that?) on ARRSE, besides "Oxygen Thief". How about "Miserable Git"?

    Oh, and 5.56mm! Well done, mate. Glad you enjoyed it! :D :D :D