Battle Scars

I can't find if there is a forum for introductions and I have a prayer request for all of you. My name is John, I'm 27 and I don't know what we're allowed to say on here. I received an email from a mate of mine that was a medic in Iraq. I think he's home now but it was pretty harsh when he was there. Anyway, here is his email. Cheers

'When this squaddie arrived here we didn't know what to do. I mean, the obvious was to repair the damage to his heart. If that couldn't be done then nothing else we would do would even matter. It was touch and go but his heart was okay so what the hell, on to the rest. There was a lot of damage. I mean, the guy even had to be tube fed for quite awhile. The day when he was strong enough to eat with his mouth was indeed a great day for him. It was also a question of if he'd be able to walk. His legs were pretty weak and it was a struggle. Watching him try and fail and try and fail and try again was heartbreaking but inspiring all at the same time. No one who knew him could help but feel a change going on inside of them for having been through this with him. He DID walk, though he doesn't have much strength and he doesn't walk the same, but you've never seen so many people cheering and crying all at the same time. He was a fighter and a true soldier. He also had some slight damage that we didn't know if he'd recover from. He was 'all there' but there was some damage. Sadly, only enough for him to know it was there. When he made it home you'd think people would see him and think what a hero he is. He fought and didn't turn away in the face of danger. Instead they only saw half a man and this is what makes my blood boil, school kids, even civvies would actually take the mick out of him. As I said, he may not be all there but he knew they were taking the mick he just didn't understand why. His family have had a lot of challenges with him but they keep in contact with me and have said he's doing well, despite the school kid taunts and people not understanding what a hero he is. Short of his wearing his uniform every day how do you get civvies to see him for the brave soldier he is? Noone knows if the damage is reversible. His family have been getting him therapy for speech and trying to teach him as much as possible in the hopes of his being able to have a full life, despite this, though he may never be able to live independently. Would you pray for him? His name is Charles. He has a massive battle ahead of him and all of us who have had the priviledge to know him have been changed, indescribably. Thanks. Alan'

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