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Hi there,
Can anyone offer any ideas for a Battle PT lesson?
i.e. Exercises where you're paired off, down in the press up position and try to slap the arms of your partner away so he falls. etc. Anything like that.
I'm also aware that alot of battle pt exercises are possibly a bit boring (...or maybe I've just never had it hard enough), so any sensible thoughts, suggestions, would be really good. (Although if you're going to take the pish, there's not much I can do about it, so crack on).
I'm also led to believe that there is a Battle PT handbook, however I've yet to see it. So if anybody knows the whereabouts of an electronic copy, that'd be ideal.
Battle Pt you say. Yeah theres one exercise where you and your partner are both in the Press Up Position and you try o slap the other ones arms away from underneath them. Bit boring though
Fireman lifts, baby carry, power bag runs....working upto logs/stretchers/ammo tins full of sand/tyres

All depends on what kit you have at your disposal I suppose.

Or if you don't have a log use a stretcher, then you get to shout at them as they carry you round the course!
Battle PT is just another name for torture
FatBoyGeorge said:
british bulldog. only one catcher (the skiving waster in the session) and everyone that gets caught gets beasted on the side lines until the end.

Did it a few times and worked a treat as a finish off'er.
Unfortunately, not allowed any more. Which is a shame.

-editted to add

'Bulldog as a game isn't allowed any more, nor are any derivatives unless you get specific (in writing) clearance from the CO or your Corpsman. However, you CAN still beast people on the sidelines of some other type of game which may or may not be very similar (ie dodgeball).' :D
There's an absolute shiite load you can do, ranging from log tossing (which, surprisingly, can be covered by a standard risk assessment form) to burden retrievals/gun runs (bit boring). Basically, the best thing I can recommend is to have a look at the kit in your battle pt/indoor store and think what you'd find fun.

I've done a lesson a few times where you split the course / squadron / regiment into x amount of groups, x being the number of stands you can come up with, and then do a round-robin of battle pt stands.

if you've got another pti with you, you can run some kind of burden retrieval as one stand, a series of partner exercises as another, team games as another. unfortunately, as the adage goes, the sky's the limit really.

check your pms in a minute mate :)

Lesson seemed to go down a treat. Did a bit of an improvised obstacle course with some RMTs and stuff, and some pairs exercises. Cheers for the help fellas, especially Tango, PM was a good help.
Get the squad into 2 even teams with each individual numbered off. There has to be about 30m between each team. Put a waterbottle in the middle, call out 2 numbers who have to get the water bottle back to their side and watch the fun begin.
It is highly amusing if you are the one calling out the numbers. I first enjoyed a round of the water bottle game as a cadet! Not sure if that'd be allowed now.
(You can tell by my signature how I love battle PT!)

We did a fantastic Battle PT session the other week.

OIBUA Circuits.

Normal circuit training carried out in boots and combats with helmet and rifle. A couple of special excercises to make it relative to OIBUA included a Jerry Can Carry up and down a flight of stairs, climbing up a set of ladders (secured) and touching a bit of mine tape at the top and holding a Thumper out at arms length counting down from 20. Aswell as these just your normal exercises like pressups but with a weapon on your back, situps with the weapon across your chest, firemans lift and sprint with the kit etc.

One of the best PT sessions I've ever had, really enjoyable!
Squaddie Cricket!

Use an e-tool for the bat and a football (unless you have tennis ball) the batsman on hitting the ball has to run to the “wicket” (after dropping the e-tool). The fielders run in and have to tackle him to the ground, when the batsman is tackled out he joins the fielders and someone else get a chance to bat.

Brilliant game, obvious one to play on grass...
Praetorian said:
Medicine Ball Rugby.
An absolute killer - good fun when someone tries to catch it with their face!

Get a 4 tonner tyre per team of 8 and get them to push it round a course. We did that for 4 miles once :(

Logs are always popular!!!

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