Battle pt

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by luke.s, May 29, 2009.

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  1. whats battle pt? someone told me they done it and they never want to do it again but wouldnt give me the info , he just said wait and see lol
  2. Big heavy logs....

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    Brings back days!

    I also recall ash poles, car tyres, stretchers, lots of forrest, and a few assault courses being invloved.
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    H83s full of concrete, casualty extraction drills ....
  5. I remember seeing a PTI almost have a fit after we managed to break one of the logs into two pieces. I think he went off to cry later...result!

    :D :D :D

  6. haha sounds like fun :wink: :lol:

    is it like a race or something?
  7. battle PT or Green Phys, mint! miss it loads.
  8. [serious head]

    I think the idea of Battle PT is to get some structured exercise in when in the field & away from any gym facility. The absence of gym queens also means it is designed to be led by commanders on the ground, the absence of equipment that any weights available like logs are used.

    [/serious head]

    B*gger me it hurt when playing the "chuck the log in the air over your head & the rank behind catches it" game if (a) when in the front rank one didn't get one's head back fast enough or (b) in the rear rank if it landed on the swede because one was taller than the rest of the rank.
  9. The Joys !

    You would have loved it mate, if you werent nodding off at 2 '0' clock in the fast lane of the M1 becuase you had spent half the morning humping 45lbs round the ulu and finishing off with a session on the jerry cans then you hadn't enjoyed it !
  10. I remember this while based in the UK! Great fun. Last memory I allways had of the previous week was getting hammered round on green pt on friday afternoon.

    Had a decent SSM who allways rounded up all the skivers, you know the ones, and made sure they got amongst it aswell. Enjoyed the look of misery on there faces when he fcuked there stupid excuses off and told them to fall in. Decent bloke.
  11. Same here, a CSM with a sneaky beaky past dragged every biff out and demanded production of either a sick chit or details of illness so he could ring the sickbay scab lifters and confirm it, what a set of miserable bastards that trooped out at 10:30 ! How we laughed :D
  12. So as you might have gathered Luke its a lot of fun. Dig in and stick with it buddy it is a fantastic end to a week at work, your all hooped, working together and it can be a laugh when the wretched stink of ale wafts down from the upchuckers, PLUS, as a sprog in your unit if you stick with it and dont jack it can only make you look good in that respect
  13. Agreed, if your just posted in somewhere or its your first unit, its probably the best way to get yourself noticed and make a decent name for yourself.

    Wont be long before your shouting at the weaklins to 'stop jacking!!' and 'fcuking dig in!!' etc
  14. Ah the finest form of fitness training there is :D

    Anything PT you do whilst wearing green kit can be construed as Battle PT, more so when you are carrying heavy things and getting filthy whilst doing it :D

    Generally it can be crawling back and forth across a football pitch for an hour at a time or it can be a beasting with a bergen on, with the emphasis on team work normally thrown into the mix.

    Anything goes! :D
  15. cant wait 8) haha