Battle PT logs

Make your own out of sticky back plastic and egg boxes. You'll thank me for it in the long run.
Enjoy the creosote
Make sure you get hollowed out ones. It's cheating, but it really works... probably.

Mark The Convict

Here you go;

Looks a bit involved to me though; I am reliably informed that They use the back of an envelope and a thumbnail dipped in STAB's blood.
Anyone know where I can get hold of a couple of logs suitable for green PT in the Reading or Aldershot area?

Well, considering the PTI School is in the "shot". It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to find a starting point for this quest does it?
If they won't 1033 you some, then they will know the right place for you to acquire some. Yah.

That is unless you are a civvy, then they may beast the piss out of you for sheer cheek!!!
In a shop?

Just ask your nearest loggie
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