Battle Pong - and other silly games!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. Yup - getting pretty silly now.

    Enjoy - as ever! :D
  2. 8O 400 and then it started to REALLY annoy me!! :lol:
  3. Gave up at 300 - scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one Darth :D

    (Note to self: Must get some work done today :?)

    Ghost ;)
  5. Darth,

    Do you get commission or something similar for posting the links to these games?
  6. Just blew the dust of the old atari .... still works ... original PONG!!!

    Unplug the childrens XBOX and give them that and see how long they last before they plead for the XBOX's return.

    Anybody remember asteroids or 3d tank (drawn line boxes)?

    What were your favourites?

  7. 100 points
  8. No! I got it for...errr....ummm.... :D
  9. Bugger! I not done any work yet!! 8O

    Can you put the old "atari" space invaders one on next!! I use to love that :wink:
  10. This is much better!
  11. So when all of the computers on site crash, i will know that it happened because everyone was playing games online!
  12. I don't know what you mean, but there's a lot of people in this capability practical who aren't paying attention! :D
  13. Darth - the old IT bod is after your mail address. Something about the bill for a new mouse????
  14. The IT ninjas (ROFL) at this location don't give us mice. You need a form signed in triplicate - including the Comdt and at least one Minister of State - in order to even be considered for one.

    Accordingly, I use my own! :D
  15. I have had a lot of fun with this today! Using the mouse is much better than the old "joystick", more bullets can be fired!! How about Pac Man next !! Really have given up on work today!!! :wink: