Battle over school Army ban hots up

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pcar964, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Dreghorn Barracks hosted a series of excellent information/recruitment days for school children last week. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Now leftie pinkos have to knock the forces again. :x :x :x

    I'm disgusted and as I live in Edinburgh, ashamed.

    Edinburgh Evening News
  2. Write in, let her know. If she was in my council I would...
  3. It should be made compulsory for the military to be able to visit schools,colleges , and uni for people to be made aware about our armed forces ,Also this country should make it compulsory for everyone over the age of 17 to do two years national service regardless of there culture or nationality if they want to be a British citizen .

    My father did national service and then decided to stay in the regular army so our armed forces must of done something to encourage people to stay in the armed forces .
  4. Definatly a man hating Lesbian!

    But seriously i am in recruiting and the comments being made are nothing short of absurd!

    Yes we go to schools but we dont recruit from schools we merely provide a career presentation spanning all aspects of the Army long gone are the days of "Frank" and just telling people the Army is a paid holiday!

    The presentations are fully informative and cover all aspects of a possible career in the Army including what life is like on operations! We invite Staff and parents to sit in on the presentations and all are invited to ask questions.

    The presentations we give are all voluntary we dont force anyone to come along.

    The only other interaction we have with the students is team building command tasks, Sure they have a military spin on them but they are not designed to get students into the Army they are designed to teach fundamental skills of life! - Problem solving, Leader ship, team work all key skills not just in the Army but all aspects of life.

    So, crazy jock MP **** off somewhere else and burn your Bra we dont care what u think!
  5. Maggie Chapman
    Scottish Green Party
    Ward 12 - Leith Walk
    Tel: 0131 529 3275
    Address: The City of Edinburgh Council, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ

    This be she, picture to follow when I work out how to do it.
  6. This is what she looks like:

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  7. I am afraid to say that I do not agree with the sentiment that it should be made compulsory for the military to be able to visit schools and colleges.

    Instead, it should be compulsory for them to visit whether they want to or not, rather than just have the option to should they wish to.

    Young people need to know far more about what it is to be part of this country, and what makes it up - and what we all need to do to be a proper, involved, and effective part of the nation.

    The relevant word is... ...citizenship.

    Please don't blame all schools for the sort of nonsense that is going on in the northerly regions of these islands. The vast majority of us are all too keen to get as much help as we can, and to open youngsters eyes to all the possibilities and options that could affect their future lives and careers.
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    NO! You said she.
  9. Bloody hell, it's Harry Potter!
  10. O dear..... Isn't nature cruel?
  11. Thats never a female not in a 100 years, thats a bloke.
  12. Looks like Adrian Mole - The Secret Diary of a spotty leftwing facist, aged 36 1/2.
  13. how long before the armed forces follow the police's idea and become the british armed services, after all, 'force' is such a mean word and people might get offended if it was used in general conversation.

    The term soldier might be deemed too aggressive, and could be associated with SS troops, so we would be come 'anti-terrorist agents', 'border protection agents' etc dependant on role.

    then again, terrorist will probably become PC inoperable, because it contains the word terror, and lefties might get scared....

    when will it end. and who is the individual responsible for kick starting this PC regime....lynching time
  14. I wonder what her girl friend looks like.

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