Battle of the Planets/Japanese cartoons

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by johnnyonthespot, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Any fans out there who know any good japanese cartoons worth getting on dvd? Got me thinking the other day when I stumbled across the 'battle of the planets' series for sale on ebay which I used to absolutely love on kids tv in the 80's.
    Only found out 'battle of the planets' was edited for violence and the original japanes cartoon (gatchaman) i think had some darker moments in it. I think that was when on battle of the planets, 7 zark 7 would come on fluttering around and talking shit to fill in the gaps from the edited stuff.
    Anyway, any ideas let me know.....

    Johnny :ufo:
  2. .
    Battle of the Planets ?

    What on earth was that ???
  3. Brilliant.

    G-Force. Princess, Tiny, Keyop, Mark, Jason and, watching over them from Centre Neptune, their computerised co-ordinator 7-Zark-7! Watching, warning against surprise attacks by alien galaxies beyond space! Fearless young orphans, protecting Earth’s entire galaxy. Always five acting as one… dedicated, inseparable, invincible!

    Possibly the best exposition ever of BOTP is here.
  4. Oh and by the way, BOTP is only eclipsed by Death Note...
  5. Battle of the Planets!!
    I've been trying to remember what that was called for ages. Was one of my favourite cartoons.

    Is it possible to get the un-edited version in English? Or is it all sub-titled?
  6. You need 'Gatchaman' on Japanese import if you want the pre 7-Zark-7 stuff. God I make it sound somehow...filthy....

    I believe they do an English sub.
  7. Will have to have a look around. Although buggered if I can remember the character names...

    Is that what was cut out in the *ahem* "darker" bits? :D

  8. nope, had a look through the site, didn't recognise any of it
  9. God...I had such a crush on Princess... :oops:
  10. Quite!
  11. Death Note is great! Seems to wind people up no end though, all this talk about corrupting children and encouraging murder in Belgium......
    Edited to add:
    Also try Elfen Lied, first episode starts with people getting ripped in two by a naked girl, so quite graphic, but still good.
  12. Nice one. What angle are they coming from? are they futuristic space type or story from the present day etc?

    P.S Princess in Battle of the Planets was well fit.